Naked for all to See.....have You been waiting long?  

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4/25/2006 4:50 pm

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Naked for all to See.....have You been waiting long?

Ok, I have kept you in suspense long enough, here are the answers to the questions that I have been asked.

papyrina asks: When and how did you meet your partner ?
What attracted you to him?
And is he still as he was then ?

I met D under weird circumstances, a friend hooked us up on a blind date of sorts. We talked over the phone for a while, then we met, and the rest is history. What attracted me to him was that absolutely boyish smile. I love those dimples. His honesty, and devotion is outstanding of any man I have ever been involved with in my entire life. He just as I have gone through different changes. He has matured in many ways just as I have, but over all he is the same as he was when we met. He is a Leo, he is stubborn, and there ain't no changing him. (Atleast not too much!! )

MOfunNOWWOW asks: What is your boundary and what is his boundary...what does he want tht you are not willing to give and what do you want that he is not willing to give! I don't have too many boundaries, I am pretty open if you mean when it comes to sex. Now D, is not into watching me fuck another man, but he loooooves to watch me eat pussy. The only thing I could say that I want that he isn't willing to give me is a threesome with another man. I guess that would go for his boundary too, if it pertains to sex. Otherwise, both of us will not tolerate being disrespected, in any form. It is something that I have thought about, but it isn't really necessary for me, like a part of me like me being bi, just a fantasy. He doesn't want anything that I can't give him. Like I said I am pretty open.

girl asks: I visited your blog, now can you say you visited mine? Yes!!!

mzhunyhole asks: Whats the most people in a day ya all have had sex with? We aren't true swingers, so counting each other then another person, would be 2!! LOL!!! Kinda boring huh?

bardicman asks: Would you consider having sex with a conservative ? Only if they weren't conservative in the bedroom. I don't like stuff shirt attitude in the bedroom. If they could leave the politics outside, then perhaps they have a chance.

candy69sosweet asks: Why did you leave Blogville? Why did you come back? How long have you been with BigD? We left Blogville, because of a real jackass, trying to cause problems within D and my relationship. Alot of lies, and schemes, attempting to drive us apart, and it caused a lot of doubts in the site, each other, and we had to take sometime, to get back to what was important to us. We had to refocus, and give the jackass the illusion, that their lies had worked. D and I have been together for 6 years!! I am kinda grateful to the jackass, who will remain nameless, because it solidified our relationship, and we are so much more aware of each other than I ever thought we could be. So to the jackass, thanks!!!

diesel_118 asks: Do yall allow each other to fuck somebody else? 2.) If you had the chance would you let me fuck you? 3.) Why are yall lookin for just a woman? and 4.) if you was willing to mess with another guy, would you be willing to meet him some where in your hometown? I could CUM to you Oh almost forgot lol Not only do you read blogz you walk around the house naked? Oh oh oh forgot again lol 6.)Do you ever wear no panties when you go out? promise last one lol... 7.) Where is the most crowded place you have ever fucked in public before? 1) We both fuck our female friend. 2) I plead the 5th on that one....LOL!!! See, that isn't an option, since D and I don't allow other men into our bedroom. Now, perhaps you would be on my list if we were looking for a man to join us... 3) Because that is all I want. I am bisexual, and need to have both in my life. D satisfies my manly cravings, and I am only missing a female for my craving, and dear God am I craving!!! 4) Let me see....if I were to meet up with a guy......perhaps I would, but would probably be better off 1 town over. 5) Yes I do walk around my home naked....if there are no kids home. 6) Of course I go out of the house wearing no panties. 7) We fucked in a crowded flea market parking lot. Lots of people walking past the car.....LOTS!!!

So there you have it!! All the answers to your questions!! Now, I will return to my naughty posts, as I know that is the side of me, you prefer!! LOL!! Thanks for the questions!!! I hope you will take a look at my other post [blog bigdnlady] for more insight into the mind of a Dickaholic!!!



diesel_118 34M

4/25/2006 6:04 pm

Oh ok thanx Lady..I hope none of my ?'s offended you. You plea the 5th huh? Shiit I know I would fuck you if I had the chance and that's all imma say on it lol..And you walk around the house naked too?? Ohh man o man!! I could'nt be your neighbor every morning, afternoon, evening, mid-night I would have binoculars looking thru ur curtains lol and you'll prolly white goo on ur window pane lol find some I am glad you did this post because it gave me a chance to find out more about yall..Feel free to ask me anything about me if you feel curious Thanx again to responding back to my questions lol I really enjoyed them -Diesel-

bardicman 51M

4/26/2006 1:10 am

Wonderful Answers Lady

I am not dead yet

papyrina 52F
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4/26/2006 6:53 am

well done not so bad some great answers

I'm a

i'm here to stay


4/26/2006 12:37 pm

Thanks for answering! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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