Lunch with Lania..............  

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5/4/2005 11:55 am

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Lunch with Lania..............

I begin getting ready for our lunch date with Lania, kinda early, by soaking in a nice bubblebath!! I wanted to smell especially sweet when we greeted each other! D and I had talked to her on the phone a couple of times leading up to our meet and greet, and we were excited! I more than D because I know how sexy she is already! I pick out a cute and sexy daytime outfit which also gets approval from D, but before putting it on I am overcum by the urge to suck D’s dick!!! I grab his dick from behind while he is looking in the closet and he was already hard! He moaned a little, turned around and slipped his boxers down!! I began sucking that big cock, licking and nibbling, when he told me to go lie on the bed!! Hey I am not gonna turn down a good fucking! I do as I am told, and he rams my pussy!! I couldn’t help but to think about how her pussy was gonna taste like! I began to buck and grind against D’s dick, which caused him to cum at the same time as me!! HHHmmmm, I could feel his dick pulsating inside of my pussy, and he felt so good!! He pulled out and I scurried to the bathroom to freshen up my pussy once again, while he found something to wear! We got ready and finally left the house, calling Lania to tell her we were on our way. I could hear the excitement in her voice, while I felt as if I had taken a trip back in time to highschool.

We walk into the restaurant and there she was waiting for us to arrive to be seated!! She looked so hot!! She greeted both us with a hug!! The waitress seated us in a back booth, where I sat beside her while D sat across from me! We talked about ourselves for a while, our interests, sex and otherwise!! She began to stroke my leg under the table and I could see D’s face change slightly, so I asked jokingly if she had her foot on my baby’s dick!! D looked rather surprised, when she said yes!! (He thought it was my foot, not hers!!) We had a drink or two with our lunch, then went to a hotel!! My pussy was so wet thinking of her tongue licking my swollen clit!! I was rubbing D’s dick on the way to the hotel, so when he went to check us in he had a huge hard on!! We get to the room, and before I am in the door good, she pulls me into this amazing kiss, where I thought that I would cum in my undies!!! She grabbed my breasts through my shirt, as I cupped her round ass!! I broke away to see where D was and he pulled my head back and kissed me as I found his dick, HARD AS HELL!!!! Lania, lifted up my shirt and bra and began sucking my hard nipples as D and I continued kissing while I stroked his now free cock!! Her mouth felt so amazing on my tits, I could hardly wait for her to suck my pussy!! I took my other hand and began tugging her shirt above her head! She finally got the hint and began undressing, all us throwing clothes everywhere, excited and ready to devour each other!! There she stood, beautiful!!!! Gorgeous tits, and ass, and the most sexy and devilish grin you could imagine! D pulled us to him, holding both of us as we all exchanged kisses as we caressed each other for a moment! I dropped to my knees and began to suck D’s swollen cock as they continued kissing!! D’s dick continuing to swell in my mouth! I began sucking on his balls when I feel another hand atop my own!

I released D’s dick and she took it into her mouth as I sucked his balls! I thought D was gonna hit the floor!! “Shit, ya’ll.” he said grabbing my hair pulling me up first them Lania! He then tells us he wants to watch us eat each other, we smiled and agreed! I lay on the bottom of the bed with her pussy on my face, she then buries her face between my legs!! Her mouth felt better than I could have imagined!! She sucked and tugged on my clit!!! Fingering my wet pussy, telling me how sweet I tasted! I nibbled on her sweet clit and she began to grind my face!!! I knew she was cumming as I rammed 3 fingers into her and then she released herself into an explosive and wet orgasm!! I told D I wanted him to fuck her while she ate my pussy!! He first brought his cock to my mouth as she moved her head into my pussy, with her ass up in the air for D to take when he was ready!! Holy shit!! D’s dick tasted so fucking good, and this sexy little diva licking and sucking on my wet pussy, I was in heaven!!
I am gonna end it here for now!! I will continue telling you about this amazing woman!!
Stay tuned!!!

Fuck well!!


rm_xx23x3 46M
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5/4/2005 2:26 pm

Hot stuff.Ready for more

need_4more2 46M

5/5/2005 12:28 pm

sweet jesus, Lady! Where's the rest!?! LOL Can't leave me hard like that and expect me to be ok? LOL Looking forward to our next online meet and greet! Kisses

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
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5/5/2005 2:31 pm

C'mon need 4more2!!! I gotta keep you panting for a while!! I promise it is gonna be worth the wait!!!!


rm_sue4u3 50F
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5/5/2005 3:33 pm

sounds really sweet to me

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