Loneliness begins in 5-4-3-2-.......  

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4/11/2005 1:01 pm

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Loneliness begins in 5-4-3-2-.......

Well, I am alone once again!! My baby is out of town again to return to me and my wet pussy on Thursday!! You know, we have been 2gether for 5 years and we are so damn good 2gether!! We act like a married couple who have been together for 30-40 years! Then we act as we are newlyweds, overly cheerful and horny 24-7!! Although I hope that we will be one of those rare couples who have been together for all those years and still as horny as we are now!!!! (I hope I do not regret saying that 20 years from now!!!)HAAHAA!!

I know that there are a lot of people who swing, and we are fairly new to this whole experience; thus far we have been lucky in our relationship, I want to hear from the couples who have been swinging for 5 years or more; tell me does it make your relationship with your partner more meaningful? I love experiencing new things, even more so when we do it together! I enjoy seeing him satisfied, happy, sucessful, horny!! I would not trade making love to him for anything; yet I enjoy the thought and experience of another woman that we both are attracted to in our bedroom!!

So please tell me...why do you enjoy swinging?


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