I went to the sex store yesterday.........  

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4/14/2005 7:40 am

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I went to the sex store yesterday.........

I went to the sex store yesterday, and found a new toy and a sexy little outfit! I am getting ready for Big D's return later today!! My toy is a black 9 1/2 in dick, about 2 in. thick, dildo and the balls are massive!! It is gorgeous!! The veins are amazingly realistic and it is making my pussy wetter thinking about Big D using it on me!!! Shit, I can't wait to feel Big D's dick inside of me!! I have been horny since he walked out of the door!!

I know when he walks in tonite he is gonna drop his jaw (although I prefer he drop his pants first!) when he sees my outfit! It is a red silk nightie, with a neckline that plunges to just above my navel!! It also has a split up the side so high that if I decided to wear the matching red silk undies you would get a pleasing little peek! I also couldn't resist getting those cheesy looking little high heeled bedroom slippers (red satin with the little fluffs) to match ! HHHMMMMM!!! I cannot wait to see his face!!

I am imagining his hands caressing my body through the silk, I am so hot!! He loves the fragrance by Versace that I wear (White Jeans) specifically, so that definitely be strategically place on my body!

I greeted him last week smelling sweet, wearing a black satin robe, I believe the red will take his breath away!

If anyone takes a minute and reads this fully will you take a second and tell me what is the ideal outfit you would love to see your mate wearing if you returned home from a trip?



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