I love what you do to me....  

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3/26/2005 12:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I love what you do to me....

Today it is gloomy and cold outside, but the heat is definitely in our bedroom!!

This morning I awoke to my tits being sucked on and nibbled as a hand was stroking all over my body.....then I was engulfed into the most breathtaking kiss I had ever experienced!!!! He kissed all over my breasts and the licked all the way down my body until he found my inner thigh and grabbed my pussy as if showing ownership. Damn!!! He parted my pussy and began licking my clit with the absolute precision of a combination of kissing, licking, sucking!!! He slipped 3 fingers inside my wet pussy and gave me the most loving orgasm EVER!!! I Had to suck that big dick and I told him to bring it to me that I wanted him to fuck my mouth....His dick was sooo fucking hard. I licked the head then looked up at my man and asked "Did he miss me?" He smiled and reply "You know he did." I took the head of his massive cock into my mouth and he tasted so good, the combination of soap and precum tasted amazing! He grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth with me forcing pauses to focus on the head while I stroked his balls! "Damn, baby." he kept saying then I took his dick from my mouth licked it from head to his balls and then took the head into my mouth and as I raised up from it made the best "POP" sound I could..."SHIT!"
"Stand up." I happily obliged and bent my ass over grabbing my ankles(Yes, big girls can do this too.) He slid his big cock into my wet pussy and began fucking my hard, then slow , then fast, teasing my clit with his dick, then jamming it back in.......smacking my ass!!!
He was driving my pussy insane....I begged him to fuck me hard......He pumped his throbbing cock in and out hard and fast it was so fucking good I was having back to back orgasms..."Yeah baby...fuck me...give me that big dick...." God I love feeling his balls bouncing, banging around my pussy!!! That feeling along with this amazing dick sent me into another orgasmic frenzy...."Shit yeah...cum on this dick...I'm cumming too." He grabbed my ass so fucking hard, but it felt so good .....After he had thrusted inside shooting his load I turned around and licked and sucked his throbbing cock clean....and he looks at me and says "I love what you to do me".

I just can't wait to do it again!!!

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