I looooove the way my man makes me cum!!!  

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3/29/2005 6:36 am

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I looooove the way my man makes me cum!!!

Well, after I got off of the computer last nite, my baby was sitting watching a movie and of course I joined him!! He smiled at me and pulled his dick out and said "I think he needs some air." We both laughed and I responded by saying "I think he needs some love." I proceeded to kiss the head, then I had to lick those big balls of his and hearing him moan made me want to take his entire dick into my mouth and oh did I complete my task!! His dick was soo warm and hard and he has this huge vein that I love the way it feels in my mouth and in my pussy!! I was getting wetter and wetter! He knew it and told me to cum sit on his face and I happily obliged!! When his lips touched my clit I was in heaven! His tongue began to flutter all around my pussy and I was sucking his dick with a lust for his cum!! As he began to tongue fuck me I couldn't believe the orgasm overtaking my body!!! SHIT!!!! As my juices ran out of my pussy he told me to lie down and he rammed that tasty, swollen cock into my wet pussy and without a minute's hesitation I couldn't help but call out his name....combined with a few "Oh shits." I came all over his dick and he then turned me onto my side and I held my leg up so that I could get every inch of his dick inside and he drove that motherfucker deep and hard and I came again with me YELLING his name and begging for more!! He said "Damn baby you feel so good." "So do you baby." I said with a big ol' grin. We then assumed the doggystyle position and as he began to pound my throbbing pussy again, he smacked my ass...and I loved it!!! As he was pounding I was throwing my ass to meet his strokes and ooooohhhh it felt so fucking good!!! I could feel he was about to cum and I begged him to cum in my mouth!!! He pulled out just in time for me to catch every single drop!!! Damn I love the taste of cum!!! I know I love the way and the numerous times he makes me cum!!!

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