HHHMMM.....Mr. Blue Eyes!!!!!!  

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5/27/2005 1:54 pm

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HHHMMM.....Mr. Blue Eyes!!!!!!

Playing a game...........

She walks in to the room, feeling his eyes move up and down her body, she loves it when he undresses her with his mind! She straightened her back, elevating her full breasts as she strolled to the bar, taking her seat. Smiling at the bartender, she asks for a brandy. She takes a sip feeling him staring at her legs, she began to run her hand up and down from her thigh to her knee. He loved it when she didn’t wear pantyhose, or panties for that matter.

He watched her hand sliding down her leg finally resting upon her knee again, his dick hardening with wonder if she was wearing any underwear. Damn, she drives me crazy with these games! He thought to himself. He watched as she reached out to touch the bartender’s arm...........

She asked him for 2 cherries for her brandy, as he winked at her dropping them into her glass. “Thank you Sweetie!!” she said giving him a sexy smile and a wink!! She began to wonder, when Mr. Blue Eyes was going to come over. As she took another sip of her brandy, she felt his hand on the small of her back, sliding onto the stool next to her. Only speaking to the bartender he orders a scotch. She could still feel his hand on her back even though his hands were on the bar at the moment!! He smelled amazing. Her pussy was already was wet from his touch, but that sexy smell exuding from his body was orgasm inducing. They continued only making small talk with each other, giving occasional, hungry glances as they conversed with fellow patrons. Mr. Blue Eyes noticed one gentleman in particular, staring , flirting with his naughty vixen ,his dick growing even harder, knowing this stranger wants what is his and his alone.

Watching her full lips as she talks, imagining them around his hard cock, he reaches under the bar, caressing her thigh. He smirks slightly in the stranger’s direction, as she stumbles her words for a moment at the surprise of his touch. She regains her composure attempting to continue her discussion with the handsome stranger, as Mr. Blue Eyes continues to grab and caress her leg.

She struggled to keep up with the conversation, as Mr. Blue Eyes occasionally flirted with her hot spot! Just as an attractive female joined in the conversation, Mr. Blue Eyes, grabbed her thigh hard, she was so turned on that she instinctively parted her legs, giving him access to her hot, dripping pussy!! He began to trace the part in her lips with his finger, seductively, as he nuzzled into her hair for a moment as she closed her eyes. When he finally parted her lips and touched her sensitive and swollen clit she unconsciously let out a moan. She had entered into a fantasy mode for a moment. When she heard Mr. Blue Eyes speak of someone having too much to drink!! She opens her eyes, placing her hand on his arm, attempting to stop him, before she squirted all over the bar!! He continued strumming her clit, as she attempted to close her legs. She wouldn’t last much longer if he kept this up, and the bastard knew it! He continued strumming as if playing a well tuned guitar, and finally as she squirmed under the watchful eye of the handsome stranger she reached her point of no returned and stood up, as her juices streamed down her legs!!

She surprised Mr. Blue Eyes as well as the other patrons, at the abruptness of her rising, yet she could care less!! She grabbed her drink from the counter and tosses it back, juices steady flowing down her leg, sucking on the cherry for a moment as she stares into those sexy blue eyes! “Let’s continue this in my room."

HHHHMMMMM....stay tuned for part 2!!!!


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5/27/2005 4:17 pm

Why you have to go and leave me hanging like that?You gonna cause me to have a relapse of Dickatoid Arthritis.I'll have find me some treatment while I wait for part 2.


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