Cum out into the rain with me......  

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4/2/2005 9:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cum out into the rain with me......

Well hello people, and let me start off by saying I hope your weekend got off to a great start!!! Mine definitely did!!

I do not know what the weather was like anywhere else but it was raining here in VA.! D and I went out to dinner and decided to take a drive in the country afterwards. Now as soon as he introduced the idea, I began to think about how good it would be to fuck out there in the rain!! We begin driving and having a conversation about everything under the sun, except sex yet I found myself getting hotter and hotter! I wanted to fuck right here and now! The countryside was beautiful, with the lightpoles and the rain....hhhmmm we needed to find a spot!! I was rubbing D's leg when he gave me a sly grin and asked "What you thinking about?" ...."What am I always thinking about?" I responded unzipping his pants!! He was rock hard!!!

He grew up in the area we were driving in and said that he knew of a nice little area we could go. As he took a left, then a right, I kept stroking his cock and finally just plunge it down my throat. I was sucking his big hard dick, while he attempted to concentrate on where we were headed and was loving every minute!! Precum was seeping out as he was moaning finally placing the car in park! I told him to get undressed. He said are you sure? I asked him did he know who he was talking to, he said yes and we began to undress!! I jumped out of the car and sat on the hood as he got out and brought his dick to me!!! HHHHmmmm there was a chill in the air but we could care less!! He was grabbing my nipples as I attempted to suck the life from his cock!! We couldn't stand it anymore and he finally stood me up and attacked my pussy from behind!!! He fucked me hard as he grabbed my shoulders and I came in such a flash it took my breath!! I wanted him deeper, so I bent over and touched my toes and hhhhhmmm I am soo glad I did!! He rammed my pussy to the point it was a cross between pain and pleasure!! The cooling of the rain and the heat of our bodies was unbelievable! I had not fucked in the rain in years and damn have I missed it!!!! I begged him to cum on my tits!! I turned around and began sucking his dick and when he came he sprayed that hot cum all over my tits and I rubbed all over as the rain washed over me!!! He had the strangest look on his face, and I asked him if something was wrong? He finally broke out of his awe and said "Hell no! I wanna do this again!"

We made out for awhile naked out in the rain for awhile and came home. But before we had gotten into the door good....his hands were on my ass!! I politely slid my pants down and asked if he wanted more...."Of course I do." he answered. That was the beginning of many rounds last nite!!


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