man, this sucks more than ever.  

rm_BigAndy545 33M
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6/17/2006 10:49 am
man, this sucks more than ever.

Okay, so I'm on this site, and wondering where the hell all my friends are...and nothing. No invites or anything. It's not like you guys can smell me throught the fucking monitor. Not that I stink or anything. I'm just wondering what I have to do to get some of you to talk to me, because I pay money for this shit, and try to strike up conversations...and nothing. Do I need to try something a little different? Sorry about all the bitching, it's usually not my thing, but it's pissing rain outside, and I need a cigarette. And I have a hangover. I still love all you guys...but don't hate on me because my picture isn't that great. I'm working on some updates.

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