Sarah's Seduction  

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Sarah's Seduction

She was you average girl. Shy and behind her bottle cap glasses very beautiful. Sarah stood about 4'8 weight about 120lbs.. and an imagination to go with her quiet ways.
Finally graduating High School, she had no idea what to do with her life-Nothing really got her attention her in School,well execpt for writing.
Sarah loved to write short stories of fantasys and ways that she wanted to be loved and adored. She never really got any attention from any of the guys she truly liked, she was always too geeky or not pretty enough.. when truly all she was doing is being herself and not some hoe like the other girls in school.
Sarah's main obsession was Vampires, and children of the Dark, No she wasen't "Goth" but very interested in their seductive ways. The way the head vampire looked at the women right before sucking her dry.. Just thinking about how they taste, and feel in their mouths. Made her wet everytime! the feeling of a mans hands all over her small body, their fingers moving and sliding in places No being has ever been before. Oh and the moans that would slip from their mouths when their body was being violiated lifelessly before them..
Oh how sarah dreamed of being seduced and played with as a toy..
One day, sarah was doing her usual routine, going to the store, buying grocerys comming home all alone in her one bedroom loft-sitting down eating and writing more to her small stories.. then one night, while writing the seduction, the window blew open.. very surprised she rose from the chair, slowly moved across the room and pulled the window shut. "HMM, that's weird" she said to herself.. "kinda chili in here now" returning to her desk she leans over to continue writing, but she never sat down. Then all of a sudden this talk-dark shadow appeared to her in a distant corner. Very surprised but not scared. "What do u want? can I help you?" she said while regaining her breath. "Mmmm Yes you can Sarah, You see (the being comes closer wearing a dark hooded cloke only his eyes were visible) I have been watching you for quite some time now.. and when you were not around I've been reading some of your...... (placing his hands on his pale mouth trying to think of the proper word to use at this time)Visions, Stories, mmmmmm extrodionary seductions (moves quickly, grabbing her around the waist)That you love to write so much.. Pushing him away "You have???" "Yes, my darling.. and I can give you what you are Longing for.. a night of pleasure..mmmmm or pain.. (now resting his hands on her breasts squeezing with her every quick quivering breath.. he could now tell how arroused she was..sliding his oposite hand down her short sexy body.. he then drops to his knees.. his hands follow his tall skiny body.. "You would want this.. NO?" feeling his hands getting closer and closer to her hot, wet pussy.. "No i couldn't!" she exclaimed moving away from the seduction! now leaning over the desk once more.. leaning forward, following her movement..he begians to hug her from behind.. with her being so short in height, his head was still near her ear.. "You know you want to feel me.. want to feel my bite, my breathe....(starts grinding aginst her lower back) mmmmmmm My manhood.." with the last word, he runs his hands up her legs, over her thighs, and finally over her wetness.. feeling how hot she was and how badly she wanted this!
"YEssssssss! she screamed......(throwing her head back in passion) Yes.. i want this..YES!"

Want more? let me know what you think about this one first. =)

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now i had alread commented on this where did it go?

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I really enjoyed this part of the story, cant wait to read part II

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