Saturday 25, 2006  

rm_BernieMan33 45M
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6/25/2006 1:09 am
Saturday 25, 2006

Well this turned out to be another waste day.
Got up around 12:30 p.m., and logged on for awhile. Then had to get ready for work. Worked until 11:00, and got the hell out of there.
Thought about going out, but by the time I got home showered and changed the only thing open would be the titty bars.
So I got a case of bud, and a six pack of guiness. Got home logged on, and still haven't cracked the top on a bottle.
I guess I'm just not in the mood tonight. lol
Kinda wish I lived closer to my family, or at least grown up in this area. I hate being an outsider in these parts.
Well that's it folks. Not much of anything else going on in this old man's life. lol

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