rm_Benj189 38M
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4/5/2006 11:24 am

Well, just met a girl off the net again! got on absolutely great, she was really down to earth and a proper laugh! Trouble was I didn't fancy her in the slightest! Well we can't help the way we feel can we?

She was gutted when I told her, I'm assuming that she wanted something to happen, but there wasn't a chance. Thing with this is, I said that I'd love to be friends with her because we get on so well and the only reason I didn't wanna take it further than that was down to physical attraction. cue bunny boiler antics..... Texting, phoning, texting more! Jesus will this girl stop?!

Fortunately, she apologised, so I think she might have been drunk or something! :S

Personally the only thing I'm getting a kick out of right now is playing poker! Nothing beats the rush of winning other people's money via skill and a little bit of luck! 600 dollars up now !!!

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