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Modeling Experience

Birthdate: 12-28-1967

Location: Houston, TX

I have been modeling my entire life, but never full time professionally like some of the supermodels you have heard about. As a small child my father, Bill Narum, often used me as his muse. He did paintings and drawings of me -- one which was featured on a poster for KLOL's. radio station in the 60's-70's. This art can be seen on his site.

My experiences with mass media exposure continued through out my life. At four I was photographed by a very large Christmas tree in the Houston Zoo which made a local newspaper. After returning to Texas, at around the age of seven, I was featured on the cover of the "Texas" Sunday magazine for the newspaper here with my father's mother, Mary. Grandma was a semi-famous local artist who collaberatively did all the original artwork for the Astrodome and Astroworld with my grandfather and my father. The article also had a few photos of me within it. I come from over five generations of artists and hold a BA of Arts and Humanities from the University of Houston. My grandmother did several paintings of me and one bairelief that many of my family members have in their home. [Mine was lost to fire.]

After recooperating from an extremely ugly and awkward pre-teen era, by high school I was ready to step in front of a camera again. I had my first professional portfolio shoot my freshman year of high school [1983] with some friends in Austin, Texas. I began modeling for my Visable Changes Hairdresser, Judy, doing Internal Styling Team competitions/exhibits/fashion shows in night clubs. I gained runway experience with them and she got on the Internal Styling team -- which gets you a brand new Mustang plus more. In addition to Judy, I helped two other stylist friends, Diane and Kim, make the team over the next few years. I also did some hair modeling for a local department store, Sakowitz -- Town and Country location. They had me on "Good Morning Houston" after repairing a rainbow hairjob I had allowed another friend to do for her high school cosmetology competition. I frequently help my creative friends with their projects, just as I did back then.

In 1987 a photograph of me and another lady was featured on the cover of the Houston Chronicle's 'Lifestyle" section dressed up like Madonna. There had been a national talent search of celebrity look-a-likes. She was one of the winners. Totally deserved, as she also came prepared with a lipsync number and backup dancers!

The 1990's were spent focusing on my children more then modeling. A girlfriend and I helped a photography student with a 'cheesecake christmas playing card set'. I did model for a book cover that artist, Bob Wright, did around 1992 was hired to complete. He also made a poster from some of the film. In 1993, I filmed a music video with the band "Spunk" that was featured on MTV! While attending college my photograph and opinion made the cover of the school newspaper and I began figure modeling for art classes. The press has always been very generous with me, as I saw in 2004 when Quest's local publication featured images from an event my family participated in for DareWare.

Around 1998, I discovered the Houston Fetish community. Through my associations I was introduced to the wonderful world of fetish modeling. I have been involved with it ever since.

My first modeling for stills experience came from Lady Rope. She would treat us to lunch, shoot all day and then give us permission to use the photos for our own purposes. She has tons of pix of me on her site....Recently the photographer, Wally, gave me two posters of the prints made from the work that hang in my dungeon.

Soon after that relationship began, I did a film for Meadows Production's Phil Carson. Phil is a nationally recognized bondage expert and local community participant. The film I am in from him [which was the first film I ever worked on] is titled, "Coming Attractions".

Lady Rope later introduced me to the man who would allow me to change my media image from a subbie model to a more dominant role. Felix of has tons of images of me in a submissive role under the name Mina and three videos featuring me as a top.

From the images on that site, I developed an online admiration from a wonderful man in England. He actually took those images and did real artwork from them.

Along this path I have worked with random people and dear friends taking photos. There were some amazing images of me and my girls captured my a gentleman but I am unsure if he ever used them. He also got some interesting vampire shots of myself and LordViper.

I also modeled for people's business sites, but many of those links are not in service anymore. I did the pix for 'BDSM Depot" with Tree. I worked with Zaroff for his equipment page and most recently modeled for Lady J out of San Antonio. All of them have been so good to me!

The movies I made with archw and sensual distress are not the only ones I have been in. In 2005 I played a stripper in an Indi film, "Not Today". I have no stills or links for this and have no idea where it is in production. I also performed with WIPS on a documentry film recorded at IBGP here in Houston. While there Bernard took some wonderful black and whites of me and another participant. One is also hanging in my personal playroom. [To see more information on my performances with WIPS, please see my page on Performance experience.]

In 2005, I met Grady from Heratik productions. We did a few shoots together. He got some very good shots of me.

Currently, I am expanding myself as an online and fetish community personality. I have shot a lot with my dear friend, Steve of Destruction, from The Temple of Flesh. I have also been understudying and shooting with Danielle Squirts from House DV8 to learn how to get the most from my phone and cam services available through the outside resource we are on. Recently I was accepted to become a star kissed girl, but do not have my page set up yet. I am also negotating all local video roles that I can find online.

My exposure on the net covers an assortment of blog sites, where I promote myself and my businesses. These are the most current - and frequently updated - methods of finding out more about me.

I keep my modeling fees fairly reasonable. I have a price range based on level of naked-ness. For no nudity I am open to negotiation, semi-nude work [topless] I get a reasonable amount an hour and full nude being a little more with me maintaining half the rights of each image to use for my own purposes, unless otherwise agreed. For video work, I normally get the highest amount per hour, but waive any rights to the images and/or residuals - unless otherwise agreed to. For in-person promotional appearances the rates are up for discussion, but must include all travel expenses.

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Hi -
I thought your entry was really well written...and interesting.
I'm not into the bondage...fetish scene....BUT I do work in Fashion Photography in it's the same thing...only different.
I did like this entry.

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