About my Party planner talents  

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About my Party planner talents

Working as a Professional Dominatrix in Texas, I often meet my clients from services like this one. I find these systems very helpful in developing a friendlier client base who understand the value of maintaining contact online. They are also wonderful for bringing new people to the BDSM community who could not figure out how to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about it, please drop me a note and request 'links for community'.

I have been involved in the Houston community since 1998. During 2003-2004, The Serpentarium [formerly known as House Viper or HV] hosted events for The Next Generation, The New Club. ClubFem and Safari Club. In 2005, I began the now defunct 'Serpentarium Singles Socail'. That same year I began to hostess a every-other-month party for Female Dominants and ANY gender submissives, which still has events. I also attend the Safari Club and HPEP regularly, and have a very clear understanding of what it takes to put on events for every size group.

I discovered while participating in the local community, many people who like to attend an event would also like to host smaller ones for their friends, if the situation was something they were comfortable with. Perhaps you have wanted to do the same? I CAN HELP!

Ever wanted to surprise your lover with a kinky private night in or out? Or maybe just thought it would be fun to hire them - or another friend - a domintrix stripper? I have a company that supplies such services. We can handle everything from performing for the guest of honor to equiping your home with a portable dungeon and the staff to run it all!

Catering services, video/photograph and full party planning services available as well. Have you ever dreamed of having a Mary Kay make over party for all your friends who like to crossdress? Or maybe a very intense "fukrware" party? We have the connections to have everything from performers to vendors for your event! The possiblities are endless! All prices are based on how much help you need. Contact me if you want more details.

I also have been a community event planner for several years and have a full resume available online. I do some work with a company that helps find lifestyle friendly venues for BDSM and Swinger lifestyle major events. We helped The Texas Latex party find it's new Houston 'home' and got Thunder in the Mountains the help they needed for last year's event hotel wise. If your group needs assistance finding a venue without any cost to the group [the venues pay us], please drop me a note. We are an international firm with additional event organizing services, who want events to be held where they are truly welcome!

If you have a project you want some assistance with, please consider using my services!

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