Ok already  

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
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3/15/2006 9:31 am
Ok already

Instead of trying to return all the emails that I have been getting. I decided I would answer all of your questions here

For starters, I have been quiet because
1)Job interviews
4)I am bored with my life
5)I am bored with AdultFriendFinder

Yep you read that last one right, I am bored. Now don't get me wrong....I enjoy blogging, I enjoy playing in znookieville and zooming all around Palo Alto land. But........

So I thought I would slow down on my blogging. Get out and play in the snow, nope none of it worked. Still bored, I am sure its this nasty ass whether. Been over on this side of Colorado all my life and NEVER have we had a storm like this one. It usually rains on us this time of year and the mountains and Denver get this. Not us

We did get a break in this system long enough yesterday for my Son to make it in from Ft. Collins, so I could give him a hug on his birthday in person

Today it sets back in Holy Colorado I am sick of this snow already, I wanna break out the shorts, tank tops, layout and tan already. This snow needs to goooooooooooo

Then I found out that Andrew gave away one month free subscriptions to the top 50 bloggers who were NOT already paying members. I said, well OK then, let them try the new features to encourage them to become paying members...right?????...the more I thought about it, I said "hey wait just one minute here!" What did the paying members on that top 50 list get for free? Did they get one month free? Did they at least get a T-Shirt that said..."I got fucked by AdultFriendFinder"?

I am NOT on that list, nor do I want to be. I really don't think that was fair to those that are though. Considering some of those on that list were already paying members. I would like to know, how many of you already paying members, were happy about that, and just what did you get from Andrew for being on that top 50 list for being a paid member already?

Yep I am still bored with my life, I still think its the whether, my alergies, and I so have to have a talk with my [blog sprkycpllv69] about some really hot steamy sex

Oh and any suggestions of how to spice up my terribly bored life?

NO I AM NOT GOING TO WATCH THE STUPID NCAA GAMES! Shoot me now, I hate that sport, yes I played it in High School, still hate it.

There, now you all know, one happy, bored BCT, is bouncing in and out

Hugs and smiles

as always, me piccie and this is © and ™ 1985-2006 bct2esi aka wl ps Tiller asked some of us to post our senior piccie on the 17th, since I will be at work I will post it today

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
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3/17/2006 6:58 pm

Mzhuny....I have to agree with ya, and now look. Aren't you glad youre still paying for this shit? I cannot believe that our blogs now look like the groups. I don't want any of the new stuff if its going to mess up the blogs.

I am going to give them time, if they don't fix this crap, I am NOT RENEWING my membership in APRIL

I want my smilies back, I want all the color back in my blog post and response comments, not this half ass shit that we have now! I paid my membership so some of the top 50 bloggers, who are too cheap to buy a month to try out the new features got a free one? MY BLOG LOOKS LIKE SHIT? WTF

rm_jojoyoyojojo 57M
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3/16/2006 7:54 pm

It is time to plan the garden!!! Not just what veggies go where, nope the whole damn yard. And maybe use some of the neighbors yard too.
Layout where the maze will be planted, where the nude sunbathing spot will be, where the mushrooms will grow. And yeah, flowers and sprouts.
Or maybe you could build a car to race at Thunder Mountain.
For me, to get my mind off the doldrums, I'm working on a new line of vaginal make up. Liners, rouge, mascara, false lashes. I need some volunteers to try it out and maybe pose for the catalog.
I've also been breeding my angel fish with artificial insemination. A couple have popped during the process but I'll figure it out. The dog has seen the look in my eye and has spent a lot of time under the bed but she is safe cause she is fixed.
Another thing to try is streaking.


O look. There are new icons at the bottom. They must have seen my post on Kates blog and figured out how dim I am. Like I;ll be able to figure out these buttons....

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
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3/16/2006 4:40 am

That suxs, you should at least get the "I got fucked by AdultFriendFinder" t-shirt, in a color of your chosing.

hugs, luvs and smiles

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
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3/16/2006 4:38 am

Silly...I told you one Kates has that video

You are right I do need a project, so you wanna come and take piccie's of Kates and me? Maybe a video to?

hugs, smooches and smiles

ps, it was kinda wierd, to think that I just paid for someone else to play for a month free

sillyperv 55M

3/15/2006 10:27 am

Yeah, a free month to paying customers. Hmph! Okay, I understand giving it to women to keep them on this site to keep the ratio in the low 90 to 1 female to male ratio, but otherwise it's the rich getting richer. Nothing worse than a dose of reality in a fantasy site.

The boredom is a February hangover combined with summer anxiety - is it ever going to arrive? It only seems like it won't.

What you need is a project? Something to bridge the gap. Which brings me back to that video I asked you about. You know, since you have so much free time ......

rm_Bct2Esi 52M/51F
1375 posts
3/15/2006 9:53 am

Oh thank you, keep me from shootn them

I shall get a back up supply for us while I am in Junction today

hugs, luvs and smiles

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