Story 3 - Good Morning  

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7/4/2006 3:21 am

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Story 3 - Good Morning

Something woke me from my sleep. It takes a moment for my eyes to focus in the dark. Nothing seems out of place and the room looks the same as always.

I roll over to see you laying there sound asleep. You are beautiful.
I smile because I notice the pillow you are hugging. You still haven't gotten used to me being there. I understand.

As I watch you sleep I can feel a my body tingle. I snuggle a bit closer to breath in your scent. I am becoming intoxicated by it. Gently I pry the pillow from your arms. You stir and I hold my breath - hoping not to wake you. I know you have been up late working. I want to let you sleep. Yet I can't help the tingling and the warmth spreading out from my thighs.

My heart is beating faster as I reach down to touch myself. I am so wet and wanting. I do slow circles, avoiding making myself to excited to fast. The thrill of fingering myself while watching you sleep is enough to make me cum right there...but I know you would be upset to miss the performance. I stop just before I climax.

I slide my hand under the find your dick soft and warm. My hand squeezes and begins to play. You roll slightly to your back. I expect to see you wake and watch for signs of the sleep wearing off. I can tell one part of you is waking up. I smile because now I think you are faking your sleep and just wanting to wait to see what else I will do. After a bit more squeezing, I add a bit of saliva to my hand and begin to give you slow steady strokes. The movement of my hand going up and down the shaft brings a new tingle and my mouth begins to water.

I shift my body to slide under the covers and you roll to your side to face me with a big smile. I whisper to you, "Good morning." You answer with wrapping your arms around me and pulling me in close for a deep kiss. Every inch of my body is on fire wanting you. I move my outer leg to rest on your hips, letting your dick tickle my clit. I am open and waiting but you tease me with moving your hips and preventing him from sliding in...I want you inside me so badly. I know you won't, not yet and the thought of this makes my juices flow and my face is flushed. You can't see it in the dark but you know.

You reach down to part the lips of my pussy to put your finger inside while I feel your dick against my thigh. The sensations are driving me wild. Our tongues move with each thrust of your finger and hips, my body quivers at the sheer ecstasy. Your skin, your hands, your everything is making me drunk with desire. I can't wait and reach down and with a few short stokes bring myself to orgasm.

I breath heavily against your chest. You whisper in my ear, "I wasn't going to allow you to have that orgasm yet. You cheated." I bite my lip to prevent the giggle from escaping and reply, "I am sorry. I owe you something then. What would you like as payment?"

You roll me onto my stomach, taking my arms and pulling them over my head. You hold my arms above me while kissing my neck and straddle me, moving your hips to tickle my ass with your hard cock. Bending down to kiss my shoulders and back...knowing all of this is tickling me like mad. I can't help but giggle and try to move from your grasp. You are to strong for me. You continue to rub against me...I raise my hips a little and can feel you sliding up and down.

----never finished this one....guess I should *wink*

SirMounts 103M

7/10/2006 1:03 am

Well, it would be wonderful if you did... as you write so very well.
A very warm welcome to blogging, Basiq. *smiling*

rm_Tallnight2 47M

3/16/2007 8:00 am

Outstanding please tell me more, or let me experience more.

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