It was the best of times, it was worst of times.  

rm_Balanon2 50M
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10/18/2005 2:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It was the best of times, it was worst of times.

I am going to write about one of those things that guys never talk about with each other. I'm hoping that is because of embarrassment and not because it just never happens to other guys. The problem? Getting it up, but not being able to keep it up during sex. This used to be a big problem with me when I first started using condoms. I thought I’d gotten past this years ago, at least with my first nut, but apparently the problem still persists. I’d like to blame it on the condom, but a nagging little doubt in my mind that it is another sign of getting old is going to persist until I get a least few bedroom successes back under my belt. At this point my dear reader, I’m sure you’re wondering about the circumstances behind this evident recent erectile failure. Very well, in brief…(or not so brief)

I recently met one of those women that guys can’t help but look at and women, especially wives, seem to hate… long, dark hair; petite (5’2”-5’3”, about 100 lbs wet); pretty face, and a wonderfully curved body (34C, 23, 33…guessing). She could be a lingerie model. No shit! And she’s a nurse. Basically, what I’d normally consider to be totally out of my league. But, to my surprise I didn’t choke, fuck up, or give up without trying (historically guilty of all of the above) and we actually hit it off. Skipping ahead to the important part for this discussion… today we actually had sex. This is good. But, it should have been great!

I’ve already established that her body looks fabulous. OK, the boobs were bought, but I actually found this to be turn on since I’d never actually been with a woman with fake boobs before today. Seen ‘em, felt a few up, but never enjoyed them on someone I was actually taking to bed. Sure, they didn’t feel the same, but the nipples still poked my palms and the feel was still nice… just different.

I continued taking the rest of her cloths off, kissing and exploring every inch of her wonderful form. Her underwear is… well, I don’t know exactly what the hell it’s called, actually it was another new experience for me… basically, it looked like a one piece swimsuit that had a see though midriff… important part is that it snapped at the crotch. Undoing the snap exposed a beautiful, shaved bare pussy. I kissed around her sensitive areas until I gently licked the hood of her clit.

“Oh, yes. Just perfect. Now slowly slide a finger in me”, she directs. Holy shit. She knows what she likes and knows how to give directions. I slide a finger in and feel her tighten on my finger as I continue to lick lightly on her clit and pussy. She even tastes good!

“You’re tight,” I compliment.

“I learned about kegels as a nurse.”

She does her kegel exercises. How can this possibly get any better? My dick is as hard as steel by now. She rolls me over. Puts a condom on me and slowly lowers herself onto me. The view is perfect. This is like something out of a dream or a porn movie!

I remember loving every second of it. But, after a few minutes I started going soft. Uh, WTF? Maybe I just got too nervous (not sure about what, but who knows). She is understanding and we just lay there talking for a few minutes. As she’s telling me a story, I start kissing her body until her words fade away in mid sentence. This time she interrupts my attentions by give me head. I stop her just on the brink of getting me off because I want to cum inside that wonderful pussy. I slip on another condom and away we go. But, after several different positions I fall out and can’t reenter because I’ve gone soft again. OK, now I feel bad. This fabulous woman has tried very hard to please me, probably harder than I’ve been trying to please her. What could she be thinking? We lay together entwined for awhile, but she has to go to work soon. Eventually, I get up. We get dressed and talk about getting together again soon. I come home.

In hind sight I still can’t see anything that went wrong or would have been a turn off to me. Is it possible that it was too perfect and my own insecurities sabotaged the moment because something in me felt unworthy? If so, then why was I able to get it up? How come I didn’t loose it getting head? (Hind sight says I should have let myself cum then, but how was I supposed to know?) Normally, I have a hard time getting off receiving head and holding myself back during intercourse. I haven’t had a hard time keeping an erection either way. Usually the worst a condom will do to me anymore is ensure that I don’t get enough sensation to be able to cum a second time. Maybe I’ve regressed back to condoms being a problem for me. That would truly suck. I’ve always hated the little bastards, but I’ve used them religiously for years and don’t see a way around them outside a long term relationship. Hand jobs and BJs are nice, but just not satisfying long term for either party.

So, is this a sign that I’m getting old? Was it just my own mind fucking with me? Is it a one time problem or at least something to be a rarity? Is Viagra in my future? And most important, am I going to get a chance to do this lady right or did I blow it? She seemed supportive and not worried, but I’m still concerned.

At least I’ve learned that during those occasions when a woman doesn’t orgasm from my attentions and she tells me that it was nothing to do with my performance, she’s probably telling the truth. I can’t imagine getting a better sex partner then I just did. I know the problem was in me somewhere. Please, let it go away!

tillerbabe 57F

10/26/2005 12:17 am

Quit thinking about it and it will.....or maybe you should contact:
she has SKILLLLZZzzzzzz!

rm_Balanon2 50M
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10/30/2005 2:00 pm

I still haven't arranged another date with Lisa (girl in post). This has been a scheduling problem only, she just bought a house and is busy with closing, moving, etc. Wasn't a problem Friday night though and that was actually a weird situation for me (see post on squirting posted 10/30)

Tillerbabe- thanks for suggestion, but Cali is rather far to go or does she visit the NW occasionally? Hey, wait a minute! YOU'RE local! humm,...

rm_corezon 54F
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11/14/2005 8:02 pm

I think sometimes the chemistry isn't there and for me it doesn't necessarily matter how the guy looks, he could be a poster pin up and still not do it for me...

The other thing is, no matter what guys say, alot of guys DON'T really like the woman to take the lead in sex, seems to be a subconscious thing, even tho' they think they want to try better if you already have a relationship established...

Giving too many directions and being too orchestrated tends to distract from the moment...distracts you from your own little internal fantasies...

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