Its a hard habit to break  

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3/30/2006 2:22 am

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Its a hard habit to break

Sister Joan, age 54, ignores the desert sun,
The stranded church bus smoking, no sign of anyone.
Buzzards circle overhead, panic starts to set.
The kids are getting restless, her habit soaked with sweat.
The minutes become hours, she wobbles in the heat.
Then, a distant engine roars, approaching from the East.
She squints through horn-rimmed glasses, her pure heart skips a beat.
Snake McGinty's Harley Hog, parts the dusty heat.
Black leather-clad from head to toe, his eyelids barely open,
Sister Joan says, "Holy Ghost, please tell me that you're joking."
He parks his bike, stands six foot four, then gives her a nod.
Through leather pants his manhood shows, she rolls her eyes at God.
"Havin' trouble?", he barely mumbles. "Yes sir", she replies.
He pops the hood, takes off his shirt, she covers up her eyes.
"Kids", she says, "Back on the bus. Everyone be good."
Her fingers part, her eyes take in his reflection off the hood.
She grips her rosary tight with guilt and stares down at her socks.
Her mind protects her vows with God, but her body picks the lock.
He bends to check the fan belt, her nipples say, "Hello".
Her eyes climb up his leather chaps like a snail with vertigo.
She shuts her eyes and shakes her head, her legs start feeling funny.
"Lord", she says, "For work like this, I'm making shitty money."
He shuts the hood, "My name is Snake, I'm wanted in five states."
She said, "Snake you're my forbidden fruit, and I need a little taste."
The kids look on in disbelief. The kiss is slow, then faster.
Cheering rocks the school bus, till she says "Snake let's ditch these bastards.
As they left, the kids screamed "No", she turned around and waved.
Her next confession killed a priest and lasted seven days.
For years the scandal rocked the church, but she regained their trust.
She still teaches Sunday school, but she doesn't drive the bus.

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SolarPowered0 112M
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3/30/2006 1:57 pm

God Damned Great, rummie!!!

I see you have been absent for some days. Recuperating? And now, you come back to your BLOG away from BLOG and produce this freakin' masterpiece?! "My name is Snake, I'm wanted in five states." Anything related to an incident in the Big City? *LMAO*

Solar... (out of the clear blue of the Western Sky)

spinmedown 50M
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3/30/2006 3:05 pm

Ho-Lay Mo-Lay! That was awesome!!

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

MaggiesWishes 61F

4/29/2006 5:37 pm

Too freaking funny .... you had me at the "habit"
Ok, so slow ... a few days slower ... ooopss!

keithcancook 61M
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6/27/2006 6:37 pm

Hullo there, bacardiman! Whatcha doin?

Have ya seen koocnachtiek? That rascal has escaped again...

RightWinger2008 62M

2/4/2009 8:57 am

I've seen this style of creative writing somewhere else before!

_Safira 55F
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2/5/2009 3:03 am

Now THAT'S a nun I could get me behind!

This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


rm_Bacardiman42 54M
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2/5/2009 12:27 pm

    Quoting _Safira:
    Now THAT'S a nun I could get me behind!
Nun's really are a bad habit to get into

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