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6/22/2006 12:30 pm

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Now That's Entertainment!!

If there’s one academic area in the subject of business which fascinates me as much as it does dumfound me at the impractical and unapplicable school of thought which forms the basis of it’s study, it’s the science of marketing.

Perhaps due to the creative abilities which are necessary in order be successful in marketing endeavors, it is a science which can not be taught to people.

You can think back to business school all you want, but unless you have an understanding of how the world works, and are able to grasp the psychology of a large variety of the bulk of the world’s consumers to the effectiveness that provides them with the tools required to be innovative in their approach to targeting consumer demand,
you really lack what it takes to lead the competition.

Simply stating that your are the leader in your industry, as so many companies do, is far from enough to create the urge to buy.

From my hands on experience with people, much of the advertising that is done today has become like clockwork. No one even pays attention anymore.

I don’t remember ever being taught that “getting attention” is the key to good marketing. I’m sure that’s obvious anyways.

When I think of the unconditional demand that exists in one’s desire for the opposite sex, I’m surprised at how little attention dating sites receive in entertainment and the media.

After much hard thought, I now have a firm understanding of why this is.

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