I'm Considering Opening a Lava Induced Trauma Center  

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6/22/2006 12:28 pm
I'm Considering Opening a Lava Induced Trauma Center

There is a person on this site, of whom I have a large vested business interest in, who has complained to me, that people consistently request to have his profile removed for his constant abuse of members on this site.

Due to the nature his occupation and manner in which this individual feels he needs to conduct himself in order to succeed in his own his own career path, we have been in agreement that I would not get involved in his dating strategies, and thus far he has been able to handle himself quite competently without my assistance.

He has reported to me that he has had his profile removed somewhere in the range of fifteen to twenty times now under a variety of handles and/or identities.

When I ask him why people feel so strongly about having him leave AdultFriendFinder, he tells me, “the stories too long now,” and “you’ll have to check it out for yourself.”

He also generalizes the general dispute he has with so many by stating that when people responded to his intial advice question, they completely bypassed the question he had asked, and tried to change the subject by speaking derogatively of his profile, which when this initially transpired, it was very evident to me, that the analogy he made between sex and natural disasters completely went over these responders heads.

I remember him being in real jovial mood at the time, when he described to me in private how blown away he was by other people’s stupidity. We had a couple good laughs.

When he responded back in his typical jovial fashion to these responders, in defense of staying true to the path in which he initially chose, he said, aside from a select few, everyone immediately flocked together to defend the opinions of the initial person who tried to steer his path.

When he tried to retaliate in traditional Hollywood fashion, it seemed like everyone felt a sudden responsibility to hop on the bandwagon and throw as many insults as they could at this person. Often very hatefilled, and unpleasant.

Given the general theme of how he represents himself in his film and music persona, I don’t think anything could have worked out more perfectly. It was a happy time.

As hundreds of people flocked together, to defend the stupider side of an argument, it wouldn’t be long before his questions would be responded to in fair size numbers and rather frequently, thus giving him the exposure necessary to present himself to potential dates.

I found there to be times, when I could not control my laughter over the situation. For a person like me, there is nothing more entertaining then watching one individual defending the more intelligent side of an argument against the masses who likely did not even know what they were arguing about. Very few people actually answered his questions. They just came to the column, left an insult, voted against him and left. The voting spread usually consisted of 20 to 40 “don’t like” votes, virtually no, “so-so”, “good” or “very good” votes, and about six or seven “excellent” votes. In my opinion, this is very reflective of the distribution of intelligence in our society.

I remember him feeling he was having the time of his throwing comeback after comeback
to an ever growing number of people who based their opinions on those of the majority to opposed to understanding the logic of the argument. It was downright hilarious to him. I wouldn’t have handled it any differently myself.

In my opinion he won every single argument consistently and flawlessly, without ever missing a beat, and they still just kept coming.

When it became evident to people that they didn’t possess the moral positioning or intelligence to win the wit war with him, that’s when the abuse reports started to come.

In my opinion, this is where people have crossed the line, which is what inspired me to write the post entitled, “Of Mice and Men.”

Here in the red corner, we have a lightweight, fighting all his battles maturely, and intelligently, and in a manner which serves to add entertainment value to the site.

In the blue corner, we’ve got the bulk of the fight club, from every weight class, using insults, often inspired by jealosy and hatred, unthought out, of little comical value, which appear to serve no other purpose than to try to cast their opponent in a negative light.
There was childish names thrown at him, much in the same manner name calling is done in elementary schools. There were people whose comments gave a message relaying nothing more than “You’re stupid”, “you have no balls,” “You’re an attention getter,”, “you’re a troll”, “you don’t make sense” and the ever so popular, “You are mentally unsound.”
People would come across like junior high students, saying things like, “We’ve already made up our minds about you, it too late to change our opinion now.”

It was almost as though no one had a mind of their own. I found it very enlightening to see so many of those without a true identity, flocking together like schoolchildren, to pick on the new kid, and see the new kid lay into them so heavily, flawlessly, victoriously, and in such comical fashion.

When these people fail to recognize their inadaquacies, and are unable to come up with comebacks that rival his in entertainment value, and their only means of throwing in the towel, is to have him disqualified for being the victor of the argument, it truly is sad thing for a man of my age and class to witness.

I really have to let out a hard laugh and shake my head in disbelief at what people define as abuse.

Given the harmless nature of Liv Inlavalova’s comical comebacks, as opposed to the childish “bashing” done by his many foes, and given Liv Inlavalova has not once reported abuse on anyone, or requested that anyone’s profile be removed,no matter what was said to him, it really makes a man of mature intellect question who the abusers are.

I mean, these are words, people. Not sticks. Not stones. And never once a realistic threat to broken bones.

Nothing more than head to head combat.

The question I have for the countless victims that Liv Inlavalova has so mercilessly left with their egos shattered, and their souls destroyed is…

What do you consider a fair price to charge for treatment at a trauma center to deal with the abuse you have received?

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