Do I really have to tell you this?  

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6/22/2006 12:25 pm

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Do I really have to tell you this?

There are certain things, which I regret I feel a need to admit, that bother me about the typical manner in which many people conduct relations in not only the business world, but in today’s society in general.

There appears to be certain social norms which a large class of university educated people adhere to, which I often find contradict my understanding of collective business interests as well as threaten my sense of personal and collective security.

I think the thing that bothers me the most is the way complete strangers always seem to have this need to ask questions. They’re always so polite and friendly. Big smiles. Pleasant tone.

“So what do you do?”
“I’m a businessman”
“Oh yeah. What kind of business?”
“Legitimate business.”
“Oh so what..Real estate? Banking?”

This is usually the point where I find myself getting uncomfortable. It’s not that I have any shame about the type of businesses I invest in, or having any plans of hiding it from anyone.

What bothers me, is the unwritten convention concerning the principle of respect that these people are violating. They are crossing boundaries, in which, as someone who I have not formally invited to share information with, which any true adult should understand are not be crossed. I don’t know you, or know anything about you. Why do you have this need to know so much about me? Does this information serve your interests in some way? If so, what can I do for you? If not, why are you asking?

There are many legitimate profitable industries, that I find myself dabbling in which success within these industries often depends on the ability and practice of keeping information disclosed.

Sometimes I find that when people are unable to retrieve information about me concerning the nature of my business, that they will give me dirty looks, as though to imply that I am a dishonest person. Do I really have to disclose everything about myself to be honest?

Does a Hollywood screenwriter tell you how his upcoming motion picture is going to end?

Does a casino owner tell strangers what his occupation is in front in front of their young children?

What about someone like luvpump, as the CEO of this dating site calls himself?

Suppose he finds himself in a setting amongst so called “wholesome” individuals, operationing conservative style businesses?

If you ask him what type of business to which he participates in such an environment, and he responds with “web dating.” in a manner such to imply that this is all he wishes to disclose about it at this time, is it right to continue on, and pry into the nature of his business? Is changing the subject, or discussing something more general to the topic all that hard to do? Why do so many strangers feel a need to immediately get personal?

There is a time and a place for everything, and if you ask something at the wrong time or in the wrong place, this should be indicative by the recipients reactions.

I find so many people talk for the sake of talking. They don’t even care to know the answers to the questions they ask? They just shut off their mind and open their mouth. They don’t even bother to read your reactions.

One of my entertainment subjects, who is currently fully immersed in street society tells me that people he barely knows will often come up to him and ask him where he lives.

“So, where ya livin these days?” they’ll casually say.

The complete and utter ignorance and lack of respect of this one flabbergasts me.

It seems that so many people feel that to be moral, means being able to disclose anything and everthing about themselves upon demand. Many people, especially those under the age of thirty, seem to have this false sense of security based on the fact that they will speak any thought that comes into their mind, and openly say anything about themselves.
Many people have what I call “motormouth.” They just open their mouths and let the words fly out. In my observations of other people’s conversations, I find at alarmingly common rate, that most of the things that people say are completely and utterly irrelevant, both to the person they are talking to, and also to anything pertinent to any information that serves any purpose or use at all. Nonetheless, the recipients of such nonsense always seem to respond with confirmation of the pointless things they are being told. I often pick up on fake laughter, and the response, “yeah” to every spoken phrase.

I am all for an enjoyable social environment amongst close friends, but when it comes to the manner in which people conduct themselves in everyday relations, I really wish people would talk more with their heads, and less with their mouths.

I especially feel this way concerning conversations about business, which I find is often one of the first topics to come up when meeting someone.

I’m understanding to the lifestyles of all those burger flippers out there, who are free to say what ever they want, to who ever they want to, since they are all in the same dingy and disclosing information to others does not create any friction whatsoever against the current upon which that dingy sails.

However, it is common courtesy amongst businessmen to respect the privacy of other businessmen.

Business is competitive in nature, and this is a common understanding amongst those who sail this course. Knowledege about another man’s personal life is something that may or may not happen further down the road after there have been frequent encounters, outside a business setting, and mutual trust is developed.

If you wish to engage in any discussions with me, please limit discussion to life in general. I feel no need to disclose personal information at this time.

Thank you.

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6/22/2006 9:12 pm

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