Passions Rain  

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Passions Rain

All at once an electrifying flash followed by the rolling clamor of thunder off in the distance. We depart on our late summer trip to sail the deep oceans blue. The morning was warm and troubled with a storm on the horizon ready to explode. The southwestern swell rolling frantically out of the path of such tormenting fury. Our vessel is vulnerable to mother natures beck and call.

Standing on the teak wood decking, your hand hold on the mast, the other on my arm. The western winds whip at your white linen cover. The mist from the ocean warmth is sticking to my profound bare chest. Rain softly blows across the deck.

We submit to the moment and share a frightened grin. My eyes oceans blue stare right back at you, your silhouette, wet now, dripping with anticipation as the rain causes your white Egyptian linen to cling to your body. Like lighthouses on their watch your nipples show the excitement. Your body is no longer safe and disguised with sheer wet material to protect from my eyes.

The tempest raging 12 nautical clicks from our starboard aft. We have won, we have beaten her fury. We sail into a lagoon of protection near this strange and beautiful place. Sheer rock walls can be seen with thousands of birds. Two seals detect our arrival and splash into the sea.

Together we breathe a sigh of relief as we are safe from the storm, safe from the seas. We are excited to be alive. Our hearts race with enthusiastic fervor. The shore of this unknown place is dotted with pelicans and seagulls bright white flying high. The water exposes an immense crystal blue with dark coral silhouettes dancing just out of reach. We pause. Reflecting on the horror we both realized.

We share a single embrace in the tropic sun. My skin is warm and salty to your touch. You bury your face into my chest. You feel my heart beat and the excitement in my breath. Our eyes lock as you stand on your toes to taste my salty kiss. Grabbing both sides of your face in my strong manly hands you melt. Your body exposed as I peel your soaked clothes from your shoulders to reach the fruits inside. Your dark tan skin is warm to the touch, supple, and divine. Reaching deeper into your hair with my fingers I hold you near. Together exposed in the warm piercing sun, it is time to celebrate our victorious race.

Leaning back on a solid teak wood cabin deck I take my place. Your deep sensual eyes staring back into mine. Your hands on the top of my thighs, nails making their mark. Your long hair blowing gently in the wind, kissed by the sun, you lean into my ear. Taking my ear lobe with your teeth you demonstrate malicious hunger. The sensation causes my insides to swell. Through a lustful whisper you call my name. The moist gesture to my ear causes my cock to lunge with fury. Stopped short inside my white shorts you realize the full length of my masculine soul.

Peeling my shorts down to the boat deck below you stop and admire the thickness of what soon will be yours. Leaning forward you lick my left nipple now hard, excited, and warm. Your hands fully committed to pulling on my cock. You sink lower as I sit down on the cold deck surface. Staring up you grip my base with full abandon. Touching my cock to your lips and flicking it with licks. My skin smooth and hot a response to your advances. You slide my cock into your mouth and taste the hard intent in my mind. I moan.

Grabbing your hair I support every motion. You take my cock all the way into your mouth with a shudder and passion. Scratching my inner thighs you realize I want to taste your precious prize. Pushing you back in the gold morning sun, like prey to a predator nowhere to run. The smooth fiberglass deck is warm and wet on your back. I lean forward on my knees now between your legs I kiss your neck. My massive shoulders support me over your body as I stare with intense blue eyed fire. My tongue races down your neck, to the center of your chest. Your breathing reacts as if you’re being chased. You gasp.

Your breasts are soft, warm, tan, and fully aroused. I kiss light. Taking your nipple into my mouth, biting down, it can only comforted by my warm suckling with strong hands on your outer thighs. Like a lion in the jungle over my fresh warm prey. I savor every inch as you bump and grind my way. You call my name with a needful plea of satisfaction. My tongue races down your stomach to taste your passion. I grab your ankles in an effort to display better your inner thighs. Looking down you see my bald head, goatee, and bright blue eyes. I take your layers into my mouth hard. Burying my face into what you have hid from the world. Your wild bucking makes it difficult to maintain a commanding location. I struggle to keep your clit in my mouth. It swells as a thank you to my lustful advances. You reach down, between your legs, and embed your nails in the back of scalp. For a moment the world goes silent. You scream.

Lifting my head you demand my cock now. Pulling me near, our bodies make it clear. Your pleas to explore the abyss are met with intense deliberate lustful eyes. As the warm air blows across my thick back, a light tropical mist begins to fall. My wet cock is pushing to explore. Sliding inside I am lost in your desire. Your secret exposed. So wet, hot, and utterly inviting. We both moan. My rhythmic thrusts elevate your senses higher. Our tempo increases to feed the fire. Bodies shudder as you bite into my shoulder. Intense feelings are felt as your fingers explore the defined ripple down the center of my back. You grip my ass to assist in your direction. Your eyes widen as you realize the full size of what makes me a man. You exhale hard. Your climax reaches the shorelines around. Birds fly from their cliff as your screams reflect out loud. You shudder.

Both bodies intense as we lay spent and satisfied. Regaining sensation as your legs again realized. You sigh. Lying on our backs we stare at one another and laugh. The intense stare between both of us aware, holding each other so close. Its time again feed the fire before we retire, as we lay hopeless in Passions Rain.

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