sigh...the afterglow  

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8/2/2006 8:19 am

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sigh...the afterglow

So hubby left for poker at normal time last night. Beofre he left I had him help me pick out what I was to wear. I was all dressed in black lace boyshorts and a hot pink lacey bra with a sheer black top over. He was so worked up before he was to leave that he bent me over on the bed and was teasing the hell out of me. I fought him...telling him nothing till he got home. He pushed inside my dripping wet pussy. >>! God it felt good. I pulled forward when I could tell I was at the point of no return. I stood up and he threw me down. He spread my legs and started to tease me with his tongue. He pulled my pamties up into my pussy..just how he likes. I had to stop him again. Nothing till later.

So Hubby leaves. I get my glass of wine and I get on YIM. A few minor chats and a small cam show later and my "J date" hasn't shown

Hubby got knocked out earlier then normal and came home around 10. I was dissapointed "J" didn't show but still horny as HELL!

He got a bit forceful with me to start. Hard kissing, forcing me to grab his cock, a little hair pull and a light spanking. He tells me he want to taste me. He is teasing me then goes after my clit. It felt so good! He slides 2 fingers in. I can feel him trying to hit my G spot. It gets me so close. I need to relax and just let it happen. I want to learn to squirt so bad, he wants me to also. I get so close and I just can't let it go.

We gave up on it because we both wanted to cum so bad. He lays down next to me and is just rubbing my pussing hard. I was squirming so bad it felt so good. All the while stroking his cock. He loved hearing me and seeing me like that...loved it so much he came in my hand. I love getting him to that point where he just can't hold back anymore.

After the cleanup we laid there next to each other...completely satisfied...that nice tingle all over our bodies.
What a way to go to sleep.


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