My cam night with a certain someone...  

rm_BBWcplPA 49M/41F
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8/1/2006 6:36 am

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10/2/2006 7:00 am

My cam night with a certain someone...

So it is Tuesday. Tuesday is poker night for hubby. Tuesday night is when I get to cam. Hubby knows it and loves it. He gets me all worked up Tuesday mornings with the things I might do tonight with "him".
"Him"...we will call J. J lives hundreds of miles away. We met by chance on-line 1 night years ago. There was a certain click right away. We have gone months without talking through these past few years. As soon as we start up again though that click/spark is still there.

Last Tuesday was starting off so good. He knows just what to say to me to get me to the point I ache. I am dripping wet within minutes of talking to him. He has me turn on the cam. I do everything he tells me to do. I am completely powerless towards him. I gladly give all control over to him. He gives me permission to get my toy out. I slide it in as he watches. I am so close, then he tells me no more. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The frustration was so intense. He does this to me many more times. I want to hear him. So he calls. Hearing his voice gets me even more worked up. He calls me his little slut.

Then.......NOTHING! OMFG! WTH happened?!?!?

The next morning he messaged me. He lost power! So, we have had to wait all week for tonight to come again. NO POWER LOSS TONIGHT!!! I think I will explode the moment I hear his voice tonight.

So...onto some other


djbjlb 54M/107F
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8/3/2006 6:35 am

you want to cum hard well I will first start off by running my tongue down the back of your neck down towards your already wet drippy pussy as I run my tongue down the crack of your shivering ass licking and suddenly diving my tongue deep inside your ass then you start to cum as soon as I start to tongue fuck your ass then i will would have you turn over and start doing the same thing all over again diving deep inside your now creamy warm love juiced pussy while I'm tongue fucking your pussy I slide my fingers in your pussy and start finger fucking you at the same time then i would put in a postion were you are about to have one of the most fantastic orgasms you have ever had all of sudden you start to squirt your love juice all over my face and drinking ever last bit of it. Once you are shaking in pleasure I will turn you over and bury my rock hard cock deep in your ass and you start to scream for me to put deeper in you as you begin to cum frantically and shaking you ask me to put in your really wet pussy and I tell you i'm in control and I break out a special suprise i brought with me a 18" long and 4" diameter dilbo and drive deep in your pussy you scream in pleasure as i work my cock and the big dildo rapidly having you cum aleast several time more and all of a sudden I won't be able to handle it anymore and I pull out of your ass and depoist one of the largest loads you ever saw all over your ass and back, pussy making a huge mess all over and we collaspe and take a 10 minute break and we start all over again but that is another reply

rm_BBWcplPA replies on 8/3/2006 8:21 am:
Wow...not much else to say but WOW

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