An update....  

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9/4/2006 6:50 pm
An update....

I have a few people anxiously awaiting this blog


Sat. I had a date. Hubby gave his permission for me to go see "D"(3 some guy from 2 weeks ago). So the plan was to get to his place around 11am and leave around 3 or 4pm. The drive took about and hour and a half. Lets just say.....The drive was well worth it!

As soon as I got there I barely put my purse down and he was taking my hand and pulling me upstairs. Into his bedroom we went. We kissed and I felt his hands start to roam all over my body. Once he got to my breasts though....well...they didn't leave the rest of the day...LOL

"D" was pulling my shirt up over my bra(red with black lace) so I just took it off. Off his shirt went too. That chest of his is amazing! Then he went for my pants to find matching lace red panties. I couldn't take much more so I went for his belt. I dropped to my knees to take him into my mouth. I teased a bit with my fingers...then my tongue. I loved hearing his moans. I stayed there for awhile....just couldn't get enough. He kept his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth to him more, deeper, gagging me. He reached down to unhook my bra. I knew what he wanted and raised them up to his cock. He slid between then so nicely. I would reach down with my tongue and lick the tip as he thrust upwards. I could tell this was a huge turn on for him by his sounds.

He finally pulled me up and led me to his bed. He told me to lay back. I felt his tongue teasing me, sliding all around my pussy. He was again surprised at how wet I was for him. He started to do more then tease and he soon had me moaning with pleasure. The next thing I knew I was grabbing at anything I could...trying to hold still as he brought me to and amazing orgasm. I was still recovering when I felt him enter me. God that felt so good!

He would take my nipples into his mouth while fucking me. Take them in his hands and just squeeze. He would reach above my head and grab teh bed or my shoulders to pound into me harder.

"D" then told me to get on my knees and face the mirror. He came up behind me and slid his hard cack back inside of me. He grabbed my hair right away, pulling my head back. Then I felt that wonderful sharp sting on my ass. I aksed for it again...and again. He started calling me his slut, askign me if I liked it like this. He knows I do, I just wanted it harder and faster. I came over and over again.

He then had me lay down again. He would reach down and play with my throbbing clit and send me over the edge again and again. I think i put fingernail marks in the poor mans back! He then pulled out and watched me finger myslef and play with my breasts. The next thing i know I am feeling his hot cum all over me. It seemed like a really strong one for him.

We layed there for awhile....just talking and regaining a bit of strengh. We started to play again within a few minutes. He wanted to watch me play with myself some. I brought myself to orgasm multiple times. Then he wanted to see my use my toy. He bought in his camera too. He took a few pics of me like that then brought his cock over to my mouth while I was playing with myself. Taking pics this whole time.

We decided to take a break for awhile and get some lunch.



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