Take A Hike....continued  

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Take A Hike....continued

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In the kitchen the air smells of coffee. The coffee maker being set on a timer every morning so as to be ready so she can grab a cup and go.

Pouring a cup and adding the cream and sugar Cameron looks out the window at the mountains. "Why would anyone live anywhere else but here?" she thinks to herself as she gazes at the magnificent array of colors on the mountainside just above her cabin.

She lets the old wooden screendoor slam as she walks out breaking the morning silence and scaring a couple of crows messing around in what was left of this years garden.

Looking around she doesn't know where to begin. With everything that needs to be done she knows that she is going to have to hire someone to help her or it was never going to get done.

Walking over to the woodpile she figures she should get started on it first. It still being quiet chilly outside maybe she wouldn't break to bad of a sweat chopping up some firewood.

Picking up the ax after placing a piece of wood on the block she swings it and splits the log in half. Really getting into the rhythm she has most of it done before she realizes that she's almost done.

Jose had been walking all morning. He had heard from someone in town that there was a lady living up on Bare Mt. that might need some help with things around her place.

Heading up over a crest then reaching the top he seen a clearing with a cute rustic cabin. He knew he had reached his destination point when he seen a woman out back behind the cabin chopping wood. He headed down the hill towards the clearing and as he came closer he could see just how beautiful this woman was. Seeing her he knew he was just the man for the job.

Gazing at her legs, behind then her back he could only imagine how she would look from the front. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail but it was naturally curly with locks falling around her face that wouldn't stay pulled up with the rest. It was the color of chestnut brown with what looked to be natural highlights. Probably from the sun where she was outdoors a lot because he could also see that her arms were a soft copper brown from where she had her sleeves pushed up.

The more he watched her swinging that ax the more he wanted to just walk up to her, take it away and ravish her. She would bend over to pick up another log after splitting one and it was killing Jose. She had the roundest firmest ass he had ever seen and he wanted to touch it so bad. Well touch wasn't the word it was more like bend her over the chopping block and just fuck her right there.

He could feel his cock getting harder with each passing moment.

About that time Cameron could swear she felt like someone was starring at her but that was silly. There was no one around for miles and she hadn't heard a car pull up.

She turns around to find a tall, dark, handsome man standing there just 100 foot away starring at her. She kind of jumps from being startled.

"Hello, can i help you?" she asks him in a confident tone of voice. She sure didn't want him to know that he had startled her and let him know that she was vulnerable being there by herself.

"Yes ma'm, I was told by someone back in town that you might could use some help here around the house. I am a real good handyman, can fix just about anything," he tells her.

"Well actually i have been thinking about hiring someone to help me get caught up on things around here. But just know that it will not be anything permanent. I couldn't afford to keep anyone on here for a long period of time."

"Yes ma'm that will be fine. I usually don't stay in any paticurlly place a long time anyway. I like to travel and see the country."

"Ok great then," she tells him. "Then I guess we got a deal. The pay is not that great but you do have a place to stay here if you want it."

Showing him around the house and then telling him as they walk all the things that she needs done, they end up back at the wood piled up on the ground she had just chopped.

She points to the other logs and tells him that he can begin by finishing up the wood she had started. Then piling it up along side of the house by the french doors going into the living room.

He takes his backpack off laying it on the ground out of his way then takes his jacket off throwing it on top of his pack.

Grabbing the ax he swings his arms up and begins chopping on the wood he had just placed on the chopping block.

Watching him for a few minutes Cameron checks out his work and wanders off to finish picking the last of the fall flowers that were still in bloom in her flower garden.

After snipping all the ones that were left and putting them in a basket she starts walking back towards the house. That's when she notices that the hired hand had taken his shirt off and was sweating, making his body glisten in the sunlight.

Cameron had forgotten how much she had missed having a man around to look at, especially one that looked this good. He had a beautiful natural tan, muscles in his arms and chest that just would not quit. She could feel that little tingle between her legs coming on. Every time he swung the ax she could feel herself getting more and more excited.

He looked at her as he sat the ax down to take a break. Noticing how she was looking at him he asks her if everything was alright. If what he had done was up to par.

to be continued.......

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