Take A Hike.......continued  

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Take A Hike.......continued

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She tells him it looks fine as she brushes a lose curl from her face with the back of her hand.

Heading in the back door she feels flushed from the thoughts of ecstasy that had been going through her mind. His body was like a Greek god and she had let her thoughts get the best of her right there in front of him. This was something she was going to have to control if he was going to work for her.

Making them both a tall glass of tea she takes Jose’s to him. He stops what he is doing for a moment to take a drink. His body is glistening with sweat from all the work he had done. They both sit down on the chopping block.

“So what would you like for me to do next when I get this done?” he asked her. He looks at her good seeing as how close they are sitting next to each other. Her eyes were green like emeralds her nose was small but was the right proportion for her face. Her lips were perfect with a pout to it that made you want to kiss it or better yet suck on them and bite them.

A month goes by and Jose has things in order as Cameron liked. She was regretting that she had to let him go. He was so good at what he did and she liked having the company around.

They sat outside in the evenings on the patio talking and when it was chilly Jose would fire up the chiminia. The heat it put off would keep them warm enough to sit outside for most of the evening.

This evening Cameron asks him to start a fire in it so they can go out there to sit. He tells her he will and asks her if there was anything else she wanted done that he was going to head to the shower. After she tells him no he heads that way.

Walking outside after Jose had come back in from lighting the fire Cameron takes a seat in a chase lounger beside the chiminia. She sits back laying her head on the pillow relaxing closing her eyes and about falling asleep from the heat coming off the chiminia and she was just plain worn out.

Cameron catching herself nodding off hears the water in the shower about ten minutes later running in the bathroom. Knowing he was probably naked by now since he had been in there about five minutes thoughts of him standing there with no clothes on and his cock hanging from his crotch runs through her mind.

Feeling her crotch getting hot and wet from thinking about him she takes her hand and slides it down the front of her pants into her panties and takes two fingers and rubs her clit back and forth. Her hips start grinding to the rhythm as she slides the two fingers through her lips into her pussy. Coming back out sliding them through her lips back up to her clit. This going on for a few minutes she really works herself up almost to climax. Taking her other hand under her shirt to her braless tits and taking her nipple between her fingers and pinching it. Rubbing her fingers over the top of her nipple as it gets harder she keeps her other hand busy sliding her fingers in and out her hotbox to her clit through her lips.

Knowing she was going to cum she takes her thumb and forefinger grabbing the very top of her clit at the tip finding the stem where she pees and starts a motion like she is jacking herself off with the tips of her fingers. She can feel it it’s like a tiny stem with an even tinier knot towards the tip. She stops on the knot and concentrates on it, pinching it making it pop from between her fingers as she does.

Jose finishes up his shower drying off but he has been thinking about Cameron and he had hoped he would have had some of that fine ass by now but hadn’t found the right moment to take advantage of it.

As he walks outside he can’t believe his eyes. There she was all stretched out on the lounger beside the chiminia with one hand up her shirt cupping her tit and her other hand down her pants. From what he could tell it seemed that she was jacking off! Her hips were up off the chair grinding and rotating. He couldn’t believe his eyes. This was what he had been wanting ever since he had met her.

He walks over to her standing at the end of the lounger watching her enjoy herself. Her eyes were closed and her hips were up so far that her back was arched as if she was fixing to climax. He couldn’t let that happen because he wanted to be the one to make her cum.

He feels his cock getting hard and he starts rubbing it with his hand its pulsing and hardness pushing against the restraint of his jeans. He unzips his pants releasing some of the pressure and his cock bulges through the hole showing his boxers in the process.

He stands there for a few more minutes enjoying the pleasure of watching her. She was so beautiful and fuckable. He wanted to let her know he was there watching but he didn’t want to startle or scare her. Before he knows it his cock has come through his boxers through the fly hole. Grabbing it he starts stroking it as he still watches her. Pre-cum was oozing out and lubricating his motions. Tilting his head back and closing his eyes he soaks in the scene into his mind’s eye. Opening his eyes once again he looks back at her and sees that she has opened her eyes and she is watching him also with a big smile on her face.

She takes her hand out of her pants and places two fingers in her mouth sucking on them tasting her juices. Then she motions for him to come closer.

He walks towards her straddling the lounger and reaches for the button on her jeans……

To be continued……………

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