What About Tomorrow?  

rm_AttallaJ 47M
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5/22/2006 9:49 pm
What About Tomorrow?

What about tomorrow? This is a question that I have asked several people in my life recently.

My wife and I are separating and we have not seen each other in many days. I asked her to meet me to go over several things we had to take care of. She asked when? I asked: What about tomorrow?

My son who is 16 is angry with the divorce. He does not want to talk or see me now. I was able to spend about an hour or so with him today and we made some progress in rebuilding our relationship. He said that he wanted to see me again and maybe have lunch one day. I asked: What about tomorrow?

I met someone here on AdultFriendFinder who seems really nice and we have talked a bunch. She said she wanted to get together with me. I replied: What about tomorrow?

And finally. This is the real fun one.... I have been seeing a married woman for several months. She is young, exciting, and new in my life. We see each other when we can. The 2 or 3 people who actually know we are seeing each other all recommend that we stop. She has no intention of leaving her husband and I know that it will never be more than it is now. The problem is that every time we break it off she will call me in a few days and say that she misses me and wants to see me again. My reply has been: What about tomorrow?

In all of these situations, tomorrow has never came. My wife and son do not want to see me. My friend will not commit to meet with me. And the married woman I have been seeing only wants to talk about her marriage's problems and what she should do.

So---- What do I do? I really believe that the only one worth pursuing a relationship with is my son. All the other women in my life are moody and irritable. I have almost decided that I need to find me someone who is really interested in me for who I am and focus my energy on her. It would at least keep my mind off of the other things I have to do tomorrow.

But then again. If I do find someone else- what will tomorrow have in store for us?

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