Somewhere she is waiting for me...  

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6/5/2006 4:53 pm
Somewhere she is waiting for me...

Somewhere I’ll Find Her?

She’s tangled in the sheets of a restless night’s flight.

Searching and wandering in dreams I almost feel,

Breathless interludes from our past drift by-and-by,

Do past truths and untruths complicate a life oh so real?

The scent of her on my sheets like a splendid fog

Her blond hair tickling my chest and beyond

Her voice in my ears, my memory it does clog

How do I shake visions of this lovely blond?

How do I drag these bones though each day?

I rise…again resolved to get through the time

‘Til I see her again; again when my heart soars away

I see her in songs I sing …”She’s Sooo Fine.”

Where does it lead where does it go… sure I don’t know?

Here I am hopelessly tangled again alone in the dark

She’s a vision or a trance, dreamy eyes aglow

Ahhh Cupid’s arrow finally has hit this old heart.

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