where did we go?  

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8/13/2006 10:35 am

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where did we go?

Dear dear L my love,

Yes we were lovers, we were both married and we both loved each other. We also both worked away so we were lucky, we both had our reasons to stay married too.

Then we ceased, break, ker-plunk, hiatus, stop full and final.

You moved on, some nasty text messages initially and the odd bitchy call both ways, then we slid into self pity, then we simply forgot. Forgot what it was to miss to long and we both lived again out of each other and out of sight. We were now happy again, we stopped wondering about each other who we were with what we were doing, where we were going without each other.

Then we were stupid. We meet last week, I was very happy to see you we chatted we laughed we even sang a little in our rhythms. It was a lovely coffee and I was really happy to see you, you haven’t changed, you still look great and such a wistful wry smile too. I liked your coat.

So why now have I slid back two years with you waking up in my psyche every morning? Why am I no longer happy, why has my life suddenly stopped again, has yours?

We fuck up don’t we?

Love and all as ever all was and is yours

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