ca$h and frivolity  

rm_ArkleBar 51M
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2/12/2006 2:35 pm

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6/17/2006 9:34 am

ca$h and frivolity

A frivolous day needs a crown. A good frivolous day needs a comedy beret and a blog.

Won a fortune at Dublin’s Leopardstown meeting today, back now spent some time watching the tale end of a film with the wee tramps (daughters), beat them to bed without any supper (because I can) may even send them to school tomorrow with nothing but bread and water.

Life’s good when you’re in control, see there are highs to be gained when taking an anti-materialistic stance ‒ it’s a metaphysical thing, as Jean Paul Satre said “for fucks sake Simone where’s my tea gal?” And today I’m soooooooo rich I can afford to be as anti-materialistic as I like, so much so I’m going to buy me a big pile of other “anti’s to add to my anti collection, Anti-War, Anti-Christ, Anti Pasta, old Anti Ireen (a relative who always smelt of gin and pee)

Isn’t a wad of cash in your back pocket the greatest antidote to taking things seriously?

TripleHARD3 58M

6/16/2006 3:51 am

good question in search of an answer which if i may be so bold nothing but a metaphysical thing or as Jerry Macquire said 'show me the money and i will show you my honey bunny' drop on by my institute of Preantiinstitutionalizationizm and make me an offer you can't refuse. I need to seriously stop taking those metaphysical things seriously if i knew what they were and you desire my anti-collection all in as Jerry Macquire said 'for fucks sake ArkleBar your tea gal has her head stuck in the honey pot again'....

TripleHARD3 58M

6/16/2006 10:48 pm

luv u bro knowhatimean or do i even need to ask when we t know the blessings and grace be with u or am i being redundant...guess so...needed someone 2 talk 2 iknow what u mean...see ya ...

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