How Can I Not Turn People Off With This One? I Need Help!  

rm_Ariguy 47M
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4/10/2006 6:14 pm
How Can I Not Turn People Off With This One? I Need Help!

I don't know if you people have figured it out yet or not, but I kind of march to a different beat. To say that I'm bizarrely unorthodoxed would be an understatement. Eccentrically warped isn't quite accurate either. And normally, I would just be myself and not worry about it, especially since I am the most read guy here. That's sarcasm! But I could really use your help here, so if you've read me before or are a bit open-minded, please read on!

I made a New Year's Resolution that at this point I see no way of making a reality. My two best chances of doing it have slipped away and the one time I may have done it may not count. So I'm at it again! What is this difficult resolution? I want to have some sort of a sexual encounter with a Greg!

I have a series of books of men. Men I admire. Men I lust after. And men I've, shall we say, en-tertained. But in that last book, there is no Greg. At least not one without a question mark beside it.

See, the one Greg in the book I've had two occasions with. Nothing special or spectacular about it. Probably why I didn't realize until we were in the midst of things that I had done this before. Exact same deeds in the exact same way, but at a different location and unfortunately, a different name. So because I don't know which name is his real name, I can't really count him.

I completely blew it with my second chance at it. And the third one is a friend who has no romantic interest in me. And outside of the couple I remember from high school, I am out of Gregs.

So if you know a Greg who is semi-attractive, height and weight proportionate, a real Greg (not Greg Brady) and brave and horny enough to make a gay man's resolution a thing of the past, please let me know. As long as it doesn't involve females, I am pretty open to anything.

And people, I don't suggest making such resolutions next year. The outcome sometimes can be hard to swallow. (If you are a pervert like me, that last line was accidentally clever.)

P.S. Mr. Louganis, if you are out there reading this somewhere, write me back!

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