chemical imbalance  

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8/8/2006 3:27 am

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chemical imbalance

I agree with you totally on that but so must the person who is ill be considerate in attitude to others. We all deserve respect regardless of what illness anyone has!I give respect where respect is due, disrespect me and I ignore you, best way I found. I learnt through an Englishman that his home was his castle so when in his home you treat it with the respect he deems it, however much you want to be rude, it isn't correct!!
If my post comes across as rude then I'm very sorry, but just stating my opinion

What an awlful untrue statement for someone to make.

ALot depends on what is causing our depression. Is it the lost of a loved one, or is it a chemical imbalance.

There are more and more stars like Patty Duke that have come forward with her mental illness of being bipolar. The years of torment she went through trying to find out what was wrong, and her courageous battle to over come it.

Negative talk like that person made only deepens depression. Alot of times our own familys dont want to believe it. They think you are just craving attention. Maybe some are. Whats wrong with that. I have two sons who unless they want a free massage or for me to babysit never call or come over. I had serious neck surgery in November and they never called, came over or offered to help.

The medical insurances are not helping matters by either refusing to pay for treatment or leaving you with such a small amount of help, its just not enough.

Sometimes we have to reach out to those friends outside of the family for our support. Those that are positive people.

We learned in my college therapeutic massage program in one of the medical classes that stress is a factor in almost every physical disease. Stress lowers our immune system allowing our body to be attacked by sickness.

Getting massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Removing what ever you can and who ever you can from your life that is increasing your depression will also start you on the road to recovery.

I know. I have been there. I Thank god I recovered.

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