Did she really just grab me?  

rm_AnxiousInPa 51M
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5/19/2006 11:50 am
Did she really just grab me?

The guys and I had been invited to a party at a friends house and no one really liked the host, so no one wanted to go. I felt I had no choice since I had committed to the girl that was hosting the party that I would come over at least for a little while is what I had said. I convinced my best friend that even though he didn't want to go, that it was FREE BEER, so he consented and I consented that if it was no fun, we would leave in an hour. When we got to the party, it was already going strong. We could hear the tunes vibrating through the walls and started to feel that we had at least made a good decision for the moment. When we knocked on the door, it opened and I thought I was going to have to pop my friends jaw back in place. Literally it hit the floor so hard that when I looked at him, I actually laughed out loud. The girl that opened the door was blond, blue eyed and when she spoke there was a distinct scandinavian accent. She was dressed in a tight shirt which showed her breasts, but just enough to let you see how soft and inviting they were, but not actually on display. My friend had told me it was a going away party, but I didn't know it was for an exchange student that had been over for the summer. Wow, the boys were missing this one!! We walked into the door after picking up my friends jaw, we started to mingle. I could see he wasn't going to leave the exchange students side until she slept with him or slapped him, so I meandered thru the maze of rooms looking for anyone I might know. The basement had been turned into a dance floor and the bodies were everywhere. The lights were dim and the music was hot. I walked through once seeing if I saw any of my other friends who had said they were going to be there, but I really couldn't see anything so I went back upstairs. My friend was still working on the exchange student and she was being friendly, but I wasn't sure if it was going to amount to what was in his mind of lust, love and adoration, albeit only for one night. I was standing leaning against the wall being the wallflower that I can be at times and just enjoying watching the interaction of guys with girls, girls with girls, and even guys with guys imagining the conversations that they were having. My mind was away from the room as I had gotten fully engulfed in a fantasy of the three girls that were talking together and laughing across the room, imagining catching them in a threesome and being invited to join after watching them for 15 minutes as they kissed, touched and caressed each other. I felt the eyes of a woman from across the room that were piercing my wonderful fantasy. You know how when someone is looking you get this eerie feeling even though its not actual physical contact, you just feel it? I looked and it was one of my other friends girlfriend. He had elected to go out with the boys this night, so she had made her way to the party via an invitation from our mutual friend. She waved and kept going. I knew that she had been staring, but I wasn't sure so I went back to my fantasy. The wall I was standing on was next to the stairs to the basement so it was a great spot to see everyone that was there. A second later, I felt a hand rub my ass. I turned but there was only a guy there and he didn't act like he had done it so I just went back to my thoughts of all that was going on around me. I decided to go downstairs again and proceeded down the steps to the pounding rhythms of the stones and "I can't get no satisfaction" which I thought was appropriate for the moment and laughed hardily to myself. I knew my friend well enough to know he wasn't going to leave his new found prey until he was the last man standing so I figured I better make the best of it. I walked across the dance floor and this time I didn't imagine it. Someone grabbed my ass. I immediately turned around and there was my friends girlfriend. This time she wasn't so shy and took both hands pulled my body to hers and starting gyrating against me. We looked into each others eyes and didn't say a word. The party went on and we continued to dance, arm in arm, chest to chest, legs to legs. All the time getting hotter for each other as the night went on. It didn't take but 4 or 5 songs before she said she was headed to the restroom and gave me "the look" as she walked away. I waited a few minutes and followed her. The rest room was in a corner of the basement and that was where she turned to me, grabbed my pants and started unbuttoning them followed by the zipper. She said,"hmm, feels like you are already started. Doesn't look like you need a jump start." She was right, she had gotten me so hard as I felt her beautiful ass rub against it. I was throbbing, almost to the point of numbness. She thrust her lips against mine. It seemed as though we had done this a thousand times. We anticipated each others moves, desired them, begged for them. The heat of the moment was getting higher as we pushed against the wall making what in normal times would be a large thud, but with the music on was not a heard sound. She caressed my cock as I ran my hands up her blouse and fondled her breasts. Her nipples were so hard they felt like they had been in ice for 10 minutes. She rubbed harder and pulled my pants down further. I pulled up her skirt and touched her beautifully trimmed clit. My fingers parted her lips feeling the wetness which was drenching my fingers. I wanted to taste her. Taste that sweet nectar. She turned away from me and pressed her ass to me. With a look of "please, please fuck me" on her face I slid inside her. I love this position, because I can still reach around and rub on her clit. She loved it. She moved against my cock sucking it in, grinding on it, caressing it with the inner walls of her sweet wet pussy. It was incredible. The movements were such in time with each other that we both started to go to another place. A place where no one else existed. A place where our minds and bodies were one and melted together. Her hand pressed against the wall, our bodies together in unison as she screamed that she was going to cum. I could only read her lips because the music was pounding, but not quite as hard as my heart at this point. I knew she was going to cum as I could feel her body tense. She inhaled and all of a sudden her body let out everything she had as she came on my hard cock which was just about to cum as well. She turned around and I grabbed her legs and she wrapped them around me. We came together this time. Feeling each other immersed together in the moment. We both realized I think at the same time, that people were around. They had been going in and out of the bathroom, but it hadn't even occurred to us to look or care for that matter. We both looked at each other and laughed. I pulled up my jeans, and she straightened her skirt and we went back to the party. We never told her boyfriend and from time to time had our moments...

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