My First Erotic Cam  

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8/6/2005 4:50 pm

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My First Erotic Cam

Date: Sat Aug 6, 2005 7:12 pm
Subject: First cam experience
Hi, I just wanted to share my first naughty web cam experience. This
is angeel typing this as you read. My husband was with me through it
all. As you recall, we are new to swinging. We were contacted by a
swing cpl for the first time. We spent 3 days talking to them and
getting to know each others hobbies, interest, and sexual interest.
We did view each others cam. Then the lady decided she wanted to
show her body. I was shocked as I have never done this before or
viewed some one who was comfortable enough to do it. She told me
she was going to give me a show and she DID! She was very sensual in
what she did. First she touched her finger to her lips and smiled.
Then she grabbed each breast in her hands and leaned into the camera
and moaned. Putting her hand in her blouse, you could see her
rubbing her nipple moving to the second breast. I sat there with my
mouth open, thinking she is not taking that off. Then her husband
moved behind her and pulled her shirt off revealing a red lacy demi
bra and kissed her open mouthed with tongue. They could see me and I
could see them. The moans were really exciting me. She placed her
hands on the inside of her bra, cupping each breast. Steve, standing
behind her undid her bra and removed it. Then he placed a hand
underneath hers and begin massaging them in circular motions.
Shannon removed her hands, leaving his in place and put them on each
of her thighs and spread her legs. This gave me a direct view of her
red lacy panties. Steve looked into the camera and asked if I wanted
to see her tits. All I could do at this point was nod, as I was
completely speechless. I surprised my self by reaching into my
blouse and pinching my nipples as my pussy was already contracting
with spasms of electricity. He moved one hand away and revealed
Shannon's breast. Her nipple was erect and swollen. A beautiful pink
bud. I actually moved to the camera with my tongue extended to take
it in my mouth. I wanted to lick her rose bud and pull it into my
mouth. Steve saw me and cupped her areola and licked it for me.
Saying how good it tasted. Shannon was rubbing her pussy mound. I
could see how wet her panties were. I moaned as my hand reached
between my legs. She looked into my eyes and run her tongue over her
luscious lips. Steve reached down and tugged at the string on her
panties pushing it aside. Then he kneeled down and placed one leg on
his shoulder and spread her lips with 2 fingers. I placed one leg on
my desk and inserted a finger into my moistened pussy. One hand was
pinching my nipple just as Shannon was pinching hers. She moaned
softly, arching her hips to accept Stevens digits. I was totally in
awe and so Hungary for her pussy. I asked him, " Please, lick it for
me." He complied by undoing the other string and putting both
Shannon's legs on her desk. He also moved the camera to an angle so
I could see her golden curls and the inner gate to her rose garden.
Oh, I wish I could tell you of the moans and sighs I heard. Steve
stuck his tongue out and she tilted her pelvis upward to accept his
fuck toy. I lost it. My mind went wild. My breath was ragged and I
began to shake. I could see her throw her head back as she began
to experience the tingling beginning of her own climax. With fists
wrapped in Stevens hair, she began to fuck his face as I began to
buck against my finger and then 2 were inside me. I again surprised my self
as I told him, "Suck her clit for me,stick your finger in her ass"
My legs stiffened as I saw her asshole swallow 2 digits. It was
wild as shannon and I orgasmed at the same time. My husband, seeing
how I needed him, walked over and
quickly took out his cock and
offered it to my open lips. The 4 of us moving in rhythm. Each
fucking in our own way. All 4 of us moaning in sync. Each of us
begging to be released. It was so erotic and exciting. I looked over
at my cam and saw that Shannon
too had her mouth full of hard rock. Both of us sucking and cupping
balls. Up and down our husbands shaft. Each of us longing for the
other, content for the moment to share this ecstasy. At the same
time, cocks pointed to our faces erupted with loads of hot, sticky
cum and lip smacking. We ended this session with promises to
meet.Sweet memories of
our first cam will always be embedded in our minds. Oh, and when we
it will be so much fun. Finally I will get to lick that golden
garden after my husband has deposited his load into her pussy. I will
get to suck that thick cock and be fucked by this gorgeous man.Then
My husband can lick my pussy. Oh, isn't sharing such lust grand? In
the meantime, we have another cam date!

gacuriouscpl1987 55M/49F

8/7/2005 3:34 pm

What a hot story. These couples must be the sexiest, horniest, folks around. We had to go have hot sex after reading this blog. I can't wait to read the next one.............mmmmmmmmmmm...........maybe I will find even more tantillating events.....

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