MEPHISTO exerpt: Interlude in the Theatre  

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7/29/2006 1:46 am

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MEPHISTO exerpt: Interlude in the Theatre

Briefly, this is an excerpted piece from a larger Faustian play. I wrote this portion in one night, inspiration strikes like that, If only it would do so every night. If you want to use it for the stage, just ask and give me credit, thanks

{Director, Poet and Clown}
Curtains drawn, the three aspects, of love and war pay their respects.

Now lost--now found,
My heart does rebound,
Star-crossed constellations; the lovers demise–

What do you know of love, fool?
You think it’s what you find between her thighs!
Like an animal you grovel and drool…
You know not of wooing–
In words soft and dear.
Your beastly pursuing–
Is most banal and queer… {Picking out a lady in the audience}
While I would compose sweet refrains in her ear. {Whispering a poem…}

Alas, you have the words master Poet,
But not the child’s overflowing heart.
I loved this one yesterday, true;
And then, today, I love this one anew!
My love is ever throbbing, growing.
Lust and love are one in the same.
For me there is no need for slowing–
My devotion is made when I call out her name…

{Picking out a lady from the audience, the Clown yells her name in repeated ecstasy.}

Neither of you knows how to love like a man.
A women does not want to be wooed–
By some sappy, bygone grandpappy,
Nor be fawned after by a clumsy sloth,
I enter such a venture with a good plan,
For she would much rather be subdued…
By my direction she will be happy–

And you will use my verse to make your betroth,
You must always borrow from the poet, alas,
You bully with your riding crop–even a poor lass!
Admit, in your simple conquest that you fall short…
Of my eternal devotion, my lasting consort.

And do not begrudge my beastly indulgence,
For in bed she prefers my great-bulge, hence–
She will be mine perhaps briefly,
But she will laugh with delight,
For my ardent desire is chiefly
Her ecstasy on this sweet summer night.

I take heed of your love, Poet–

Yes, by my words she will know it–

And to your animal lust, Clown–

In my tempest she’ll gladly drown–

But let us move on now to other matters…

Very well, Director, whatever flatters.

***A question for you in conclusion, dear reader. Which of the three aspects do you most admire and which do you most see in yourself?

rm_janie233 53F
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7/29/2006 5:20 am

Gotta have all three...for me I guess in ways I'm a poet hidden in a clown

rm_Andrew9in 48M
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8/5/2006 10:03 pm

Thankyou janie...that sounds like a lovely combination.

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