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8/5/2006 4:39 pm

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I went for a hike today and on the way my imagination wandered freely too. A breeze brushed my arm and my cheek and it was as if nature in its infinite feminine spirit walked beside me playfully for a moment. I quest to find this lady incarnate--a free and energetic spirit in mortal form--to find you would be my dreams fulfilled…


I walk along this forest path, just wide enough for two. I smile softly at the bowing trees and think of what I would say, would do, if you were beside me. I would pace in time with each of your tender steps, and cherish your smile like the sun breaking through the trees above, and your laugh like the brook that bubbles and swirls beside us. You are the brook, dear lady, your lithe and cool form, swirling with grace around rocks and brush-- smoothing all obstacles to softness–dancing, touching, curiously this world, this channel and path that is blessed with your presence.

I imagine then as we walk, hands clasped, mine in yours, yours in mine, that we see a place of natural beauty on the opposite bank--moss cushioned seats and fern walls offer a place to rest and talk. The water runs swiftly before us and I glance at you and wink, saying “are you ready m’lady” and when you nod serenely I lift you into my arms. Your legs draping, and you’re your hands clasped around my neck. I walk with care across the cool stream, water lapping around my ankles and calves playfully. Your hair is close and I can smell its flowered scent and your cheek brushes mine, soft, warm and tender.

At last I set you on your feet again, and you dance away, coyly and take a seat on a moss mounded log. I sit beside you and we talk and point to the wonders around us. It is moments like these that make life so sweet, so full of wonder. With my arm around your shoulder and yours around my waist, we look, we smile in silent thanks, that we have met along this babbling brook’s banks.

…So when your walking through the park or are tending your garden, and feel a warm breeze swirl around you–when your heart beats faster and your cheeks grow warm, know dear lady, that this is my admiration, my adoration from afar. Know that though I may be close by or across a thousand miles of windy seas, I care for you and I’m with you in spirit, perhaps someday soon, in presence as well.

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