On The lighter Side A: To The Popular Posting MEN ARE LIKE  

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3/6/2006 3:42 pm

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On The lighter Side A: To The Popular Posting MEN ARE LIKE


1+. Men are like Government bonds...they take sooooo long to mature.
1-. Patience is a virtue; like wine, the finer things in life are not made over night! God took 6 days to make the earth! It takes millions of years for the Earth to make a diamond.

2+. Men are like the weather...nothing can change them.
2-. Did God make them firm and not easily changeable so that they can deal with the most emotionally unstable women! Once again aren’t Diamonds valued for the strength and clarity!

3+. Men are like laxatives...they irritate the shit out of you.
3-. Insensitive? Do they irritate women especially those who want them to change into being like a woman, so they can seat down with them in sympathy and cry versus, instead of being a man strong enough do deal with so many overly emotional and crying women, and then standing on his own to feet and taking things unto his own two hands to do what has to be done to fix things/ or injustices! Once again aren’t Diamonds valued for the strength and clarity!

4+. Men are like mascara...they usually run at the first sign of emotion.
4-. Are they running away or are they stepping aside to be at peace because women don’t let them/give them the time to they need so that they can figure out the best way on how to resolve the problems women create, then over react, and want a solution and sympathy at the same time?

5+. Men are like parking spots...all the good ones are taken, and the rest are handicapped.
5-. Diamonds are made under extreme heat and pressure. Women’s overly emotional state provides the heat and pressure to turn young males into real men. So about all the good ones that are taken, is it because:
A] These males were able to deal with the worst type of women,
B] Were these types of women at least smart enough to “Know Themselves” and that they had a man that was capable of dealing with them,
C] Or were the women who have this type of man simply proactive and thus had a hand into grooming a young male into the Man that he is?

Wonder if anybody really wants me to paint similar pictures for these ones below?

6+. Men are like bananas...the older they get, the less firm they become.
6-. Hint: Does this have anything to do with the amount of time a man has put up with a “woman” that thinks like this?

7+. Men are like chocolate...sweet and smooth and they head right for your hips.
7-. Hint: Wonder if the person that wrote this was it the same person that wrote the sentence about the banana? Can somebody give me the definition of fickle?

8+. Men are like snowstorms...you never know when they are coming, how many inches you will get or how long it will last.
8-. Would this fall into the same category as faking an orgasm, not knowing how to please your partner/wanting him to do all the work, or how about withholding age, putting on a pound of mascara to appear younger than she really is, wearing black to appear thinner than she really is? Doesn’t the amount of blood factor into this, plus if men aren’t attracted to women who fit into this category, who do you blame the males or the females?

I leave with something for everyone to think about:

At every level there is duality (ying-yang) dichotomies in everything of the universe: microcosm/macrocosm, matter/antimatter, light/darkness, man/women, pessimist/optimists, Capitalist greed/ Communist Sloth, Body/Spirit, one that is but should not is good/evil! One's own existence is the Past result from two previous opposites/extreme/opposing choices with infinite shades of gray, in the present you are now making the decision again, and from now to eternity the future will also present itself with having to decide between the two opposite choices and all the in between shades of gray!

As it applies to this above… CAUSE & EFFECT, but would like to ask what came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

The Laws of God are and should always be in balance with each other and are applicable to the microcosms as are to the macrocosms.

What was that famous line: "Let him [/her] who is without sin cast the First Stone."
and then Jesus also said, "Go and sin no more." John 8: 7 & 11!

The Prince of Peace!

Why do this? Maybe because either there are no more real men out there or guys are so passive (need a kick in their butt/ wake up call), i.e. the government tells them that they are violent and testosterone drive and thus that is why they deserved to be sue for anything and everything, divorce them, take away their houses, take away their kids plus then have them pay on top of that!

Oh even have them pay higher insurance rates (even though statistics prove that women commit more accidents).

There, I have picked on both sexes, is there any group left for me to pick on?


rm_bootyholic69 51M

3/31/2006 11:30 am

I am surprised you don't have any responses to your writing(s). Maybe most men are intimidated by how intelligent you are. I'll admit I am a little. Would worry about being able to keep up during a good conversation. I like alot of what you say, very to the point and you don't pull any punches. I will have to revisit and read some more. Keep up the good writing and good luck on here.


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