War, terrorism, killing  

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9/10/2006 1:46 am
War, terrorism, killing

So, after reading quite a few of the replies and responses... I can say this.

Some people in this world can be so hopelessly racist and/or narrow minded and/or war mongering that there's almost nothing that can be done to change their minds.

This statement is directed to everyone. Americans, Soldiers, Muslims, Pacifists, Right Wingers, Left Wingers, whatever classification of human being you want use.

There are a lot of people in this world. Some of 'em good, some of 'em bad. The ones who will cause the most trouble are the extremists. Not just the ones in countries far away, but the ones in our countries as well (Australia, Europe, China, Canada, US, doesn't matter)

Extreme Christians, Extreme Muslims, Extreme Republicans, Extreme Democrats, Extreme Feminists, Extreme whatever the heck you want to throw in. It seems to me that they are right, and everyone else is wrong. Given how many people there ARE that think like that, all thinking different things, you're definitely going to get problems like the ones the world is facing today.

Now there is defending oneself from attack. There are alternative ways of ending this war, or terrorism, or any other war, or really any sort of conflict, without having to resort to violence. There are sometimes periods when there is no other choice but to pick up arms and blow the brains out of the other person before he or she can do the same unto you or someone you care about. The are times when negotiation is needed.

The hardest part I think is to figure out when the right times for any of these things come along.
However, there is always going to be a time to remember that the vast majority of people who will die during times like these have a lot in common.
They were someone's child. They loved. They had hopes and dreams for the future. They might not have wanted to go to war, but had no other choice. They might be good people, or were good people, or could be good people.

Hell, I've lost my point long ago, but... damnit, killing a person is not easy. It should not be easy. Human beings should not ever have to kill other human beings. The longer people kill each other and proclaim themselves to be in the right for doing so, the longer this war, and many others, will go on.

People like Suddam should never have gotten into power. All of this... this war, these deaths, this sudden upheaval (or unmasking) or hatred, it was all worth it to get that man out of power. People can say whatever they want about the US, or Britain, or Canada, but I know that people like Suddam, Stalin, Hitler, they made severe crimes against humanity.

Perhaps my nation's leaders did not make the best decisions in the past when they forced Inuit and Japanese to relocate during the war. Perhaps W. Bush and other US leaders made bad calls or became too arrogant with their power. But to the best of my knowledge, they have not done anything nearly as bad as what those major three and their followers did.

Yes the armies and soldiers of the US/Brit/Canada have killed people. That is what armies are for. To kill people. Yeah, they've killed thousands of Muslims. They've probably killed thousands more of other races as well. Other nation's governments have killed our people, either officially through war, unofficially through terrorist attacks (i'm not Naive enough to believe that militant covert operations aren't carried out).

Every nation has killed citizens of other some other nation in this world. That should nullify any validity a person might feel when they are told or they say that they are going to attack this country because this country attacked their home country.


I'm... really tired. I'm pretty much all over the place.

Soldiers, terrorists, what's the difference exactly? Both are fighting for a cause they believe strongly in. Both have and will use whatever means neccessary to win. Both kill. Neither see themselves as terrorists.
War is insanely stupid. It is expensive though, and weapons makers will do everything they can to make sure that humanity and war will walk together hand in hand throughout history until it destroys itself.

CHIBI RIKU!!!!!!!!!

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