The snacking urge is kicking my ass.  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/6/2005 10:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The snacking urge is kicking my ass.

The snacking urge is kicking my ass. When I sit on my butt
working for 8 hours a day, Friday, Sat, and Sun, the urge
to snack becomes almost uncontrloable. Today I've
had:a Quesidilla (goat cheese, soybacon, 1bs flax seed,
and green onions on a tortilla) for breakfast, 6 cookies
(I think it was only 6...), 3 Jolly Rancher hard candies,
2 cups of water, and now, I'm breaking into the pumpkin
seeds/raisins mix. I feel like a little tubby sausage.
It's like i have the urge to chew. Wonder if staring
at a screen for hours on end does that to you?
Thank goodness I'm back in school now though. I walk
around with a heavy bag of books and art supplies, watching
the little college Tartlets founce by in their miniskirts
and tight shirts.

keithcancook 61M
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4/17/2005 2:06 pm

You have that right! Jeesh! I cannot believe what these co-eds are wearing these days. I sure do feel disconnected from them when on campus.

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