The power of Peas!  

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4/6/2005 10:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The power of Peas!

right now, that frozen bag of peas is the best thing in the house. I have had a migrane for hours and was laying down with the peas on my head. I actually fell asleep when my headache went away. Relaxing to lay in the dark, with cool peas on my head, with purring cat on my feet. I didn't expect to fall asleep though. So much to do.

Today there was an explosion in my 3D design class. I was outside working on my installation (peat cups filled with soil and grass seeds, arranged in a spiral on the bare desert rocks). About 10 feet away, a young woman was "creating a candle out of lighter fluid, gel, and a glass jar". Not quite sure what happened, but the glass jar exploded, spraying her with glass shards, gell, and flammable fluid. She came running towards me screaming "get it off! get it off" and trying to wipe the gel from her hands. I thought she had a chemical burn and directed tried to get her to the faucet, but she calmed down and said that it was just gel and it was not burning her. The panic of an exploding glass jug just freaked her out. The teacher was pretty upset (probably thinking of the injury she could have gotten - imagine glass in her eyes..) The absurd thing is that I asked her what she's going to do for a project now, since this one exploded..and she told me that she's going to try it again "this time with matches". Uh...this may be a Darwin Award winner. You would think that she would have realized that messing with flamables is BAD.

Tonight: food, bed. That migrane is coming back

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