The eye update  

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5/25/2005 12:01 pm

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The eye update

The doctor told me I have a stigmatizm, 20-23 vision and that the headaches i'm having might...or might not be caused by my vision. But he thinks they are probably not.

I got a glasses prescrption, but he said that my eyes were so healty that if I didn't want to get the perscrption, it might not make a difference. He said "if it is a matter of money, I'd just pass on them. You are so close to perfect vision and your eyes can still focus to fix the stigmatism. Glasses are not going to fix or help that in the long run, so might as well pass"

so I need to check into other things as the cause of the headaches. The doctor told me that I should look into my headaches being either migranes, cluster headaches, or caused by my birth control Oh, and I don't have any visible brain tumors. (apparently they cause pressure on the eyes)

Back to the drawingboard.

(Oh, and my eyes are BIG! I got them dialated)

cajunpet 71M
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5/29/2005 12:15 am

Hi, I read most of your blogs and notice you have a lot of headaches.

I did a quick search of headaches and found this. It would not hurt you to try it. I do a lot of medical research for myself and others. Hope you feel better.

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), a member of the sunflower family, has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches, arthritis, and fevers. In fact, the term feverfew is adapted from the Latin word febrifugia or fever reducer. Feverfew has also been traditionally used to treat menstrual irregularities, labor difficulties, skin conditions, stomach aches, and asthma. Today, professional herbalists primarily use feverfew to treat and prevent certain headaches, arthritis, and other painful disorders.

Have a great day.

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6/8/2005 10:35 am


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