Styro Head, Black Rope, and Kool-aide  

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2/22/2005 6:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Styro Head, Black Rope, and Kool-aide

This weekend I found a styrofoam head over at the costume shop for only a few dollars. I took it to school along with the 16 feet of soft black rope that I bought at the hardware store. (You could tell the hardware guy was wondering if I was one of those kinky people. He kept giving me "looks" when I told him that Yes, I did want 16 feet of black rope). Little did he know he was right, but that the black rope was not for the bedroom.

I took the head and the rope to school and created the Most Fabulous Hat! (tm) It looks like the head of the dancing blue women in Star Wars. It has 3 tentacles hanging off the back and the longest one is longer than my braid (thus, past my butt). The 3 tentacles then loop around the forehead and hang off the front as well. Its a very silly hat. Now I just need to decide on dye colors....I'm leaning towards a red-orange-yellow scheme.

This morning I went to my history class and received my corrected test - I got an A on my really hard test! Woo hoo.

Then I worked on projects, ran to the store on foot and got soaked by the unexpected rainstorm, and now am at home, eating pizza with soy cheese (ick, I should stick with goat cheese) and trying to drug away a killer headache. I seem to have a headache every week or so.

Tomorrow: DYE!

ShawlAcnesSable 54M
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2/23/2005 4:37 am

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