Song: Under Pressure!  

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4/12/2005 8:53 pm

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Song: Under Pressure!

Up at 6am to rush to school
- work in the lab from 7am to 9am. I weigh clay tests, caculate porosity of clay bodies, roll out slabs for a project that is due that afternoon, and check in with the lab tech about a glazing problem on some of my thrown work

- then its off to class to turn in an essay and take notes

- back to the lab for my 6 hours of ceramics classes. I spend most of the first 3 hours glazing my Goddess piece with a blue/orange underglaze. (it sounds ugly, but the colors really make the entire thing pop out)

- Class #2, I present my clay caculations and research and work on more slab pieces to be turned in at the end of the semester. I also hold myself back from strangling my professor and some select classmates. I swear, it's like high school in there. I can't believe adults act like this. *sigh*

Run to grocery store around 6pm. Log online at 7pm.

I am so glad that I have interent access. Without it, I would go insane from having no adults to talk to.

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