Sinus headache kicking my butt  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/10/2005 4:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sinus headache kicking my butt

Today's lovely sinus headache caused me to leave school early today. This was after I had tried to take a nap on the art table while waiting for my kiln to fire to the correct temp to turn up. Thanfully, some fellow students offered to watch the kiln for me and sent me home.

After a big bowl of leftover mashed potatoes my headache has gone down, so I'm going to work for a good long while tonight.

I do admit to being somewhat naughty...a student in class has been rude to everyone and goes out of her way to put people I made sure to place her piece in a place where it would likely be blown up or damanged by the other pieces around it. I know - very bad. I should be ashamed. I'll find out in the morning if her piece survived.

This morning I had a weird dream about visiting Eugene, Oregon. In my dream, the houses were all run down and crappy. I had a map of Eugene showing it as a bunch of islands with whales swimming between them. Then the scene changed and I was talking to my ex-step-dad about his daughter and the fact that she had been murdered. In my dream, he had a younger daughter that he was relieved that she was safe. Then my bio-father came into the picture..but I woke up around then and don't remember what he said.

rm_dave881969 48M
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2/10/2005 6:34 pm

Poor dear. Sinus headaches have kicked my butt more times than I care to remember. I always keep a supply of pseudoephedrine with me and try to take one at the first sign. Works wonders if you catch it early, but some folks can't take it - makes them nauseous or too goofy.
That was a naught passive-agressive thing you did to your fellow student, but it sounds like she deserved it

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/11/2005 9:58 am

She did! Also, her piece was going in the kiln its not as if I made positive that it would be damaged..I just placed it in such a way as to slightly increase the potential. Who knows, I may open the kiln today and see my piece destroyed and hers perfect. You never know with kilns.

irishtongue71 52M

2/11/2005 3:51 pm

Woa.....I've never heard of mashed potatoes helping a headache........interesting......


rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/12/2005 3:50 pm

yeah, made no sense to me either. I was feeling sick and had a headache, and one bowl of mashed potatoes later, I'm cured. ...maybe I was just hungry?

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/13/2005 1:31 pm

Still not sure. THe Kiln was too hot to unload when I checked it on Sat. I'll check in on Monday and report back if she got her comuppance or if the kilngods decided to spare her piece.

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