Results were ok  

rm_Almondnut 43F
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7/20/2005 10:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Results were ok

Unloaded the kiln last night - my two main important pieces were ok. The green on my snail shrine is a little bright...looks more like something you'd find in a Chinese garden catalog - but its still not bad.

A red piece that I created had all the red color burn out and left it streaky black. I didn't like it at first, but after looking at it for a bit I realized that it grew on me. The black burnt look really fits the piece (bones, death, disease) so I'm going to leave it that way.

The bad results were sadly a friend's plates. She put the glaze on too thick on the bottom, so ended up with a ton of kiln wash attached to her bottom. 2 more of her plates had kilnwash gook fall on them and glue in. That's my fault really - I should have picked cleaner shelves. I didn't even think about when loading. I need to go out there and scrub every single one of those shelves and reapply kiln wash. Thankfully she can grind down the kilnpieces, reglaze, and put in the kiln again.

Today I am just dying to go shopping for some reason. I'm not much of a shopper girl, but I want to go buy some lingerie and shoes. I won't go, because its a heavy work day, but the craving is still there.

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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7/20/2005 11:07 am

[color royalblueAlmondnut, go out shopping some day soon and just ... njoy

tho your very busy with other important things .... fun is necessary too sometimes

007sexy40plus 52F  
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7/20/2005 11:38 am

All work and no play makes for a very dull life. Get you some fun in your life hun. too much work can kill a person. You are too young to be buried under work.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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7/20/2005 12:35 pm

I agree with both ladies. I know it's been forever since I've come by your blog and the last time I did you were working on stuff then as you are now. You do need to take time to be a woman (it's a good thing)and do some things to make you feel good as a woman and don't include work in that. I know your a beautiful girl, just make sure you feel like one.

sheershadownear 39F
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7/20/2005 4:16 pm

I am a shoe-holic!

rm_Almondnut 43F
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7/20/2005 5:22 pm

As soon as work is over today, I'm going shopping. No lab tonight - just me, a tiny bit of money, and an entire Scottsdale mall to roam about in.

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