Lesbian wedding dreams  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/13/2005 11:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lesbian wedding dreams

Early this morning I had a dream that I was marrying a friend of mine. She's a very nice lesbian woman who I get along with. In my dream I was sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. I kept hearing this voice say over and over "when you complete the neckline, then you will find the one". After class, I walked out to the bathroom where I found my lesbian friend in a wedding dress. However, the front of her dress was hanging weird, as though a piece of it was unattached. I reached over and adjusted the snap that was hidden on her dress (she didn't know about it) and in my mind I heard the "complete the neck line" thing. Suddently I realized that I had to marry her and I looked down and I was in a wedding dress as well. She and I walked out of the bathroom holding hands, and right outside was a wedding cermony. In the background was my family, giving me weird looks because I was getting married to a woman. The ceremony involved a lot of laughing and in the background some of my male friends were setting fire to the ceremony chairs to celebrate and then blowing out the fire before it became out of control.

I'm not a lesbian and I don't have any pyro urges so I have *no idea* where this dream came from. Maybe Indian food makes your dreams weird?

rm_Hrd4YouAll 57M
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2/13/2005 10:19 pm

You are not a lesbian, but you are bisexual. This means you are comfortable with both sexes. I wouldn't be alarmed. If you ate close to when you went to sleep, your dreams were food induced. This is regardless of the type of food, though spicy foods seems to intensify them in my own experience. I think it is because our bodies continue to digest our food while we sleep and is changes the blood flow throughout our whole body... just a guess, I am no doctor. LOL

I would recommend reading "Interpretation of Dreams" by Freud if you want more answers.

Have a great day!

freddie198207 35M
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2/14/2005 5:05 pm

hey almondnut... your dream if it was induced it was induced due to lots of sex talk, or jokes you probably make with your friends. If it wasnt induced then it has a meaning. Your male friends are not worthy of marrying you, they are some naughty people who will bring life to your wedding ceremony but not in a nice manner(probably joke around and bug people). You and your friend (the lesbian one) if she is your friend are very close to each other. And you would definitely get along with a guy who is like her(in habits etc.). You can always tell a dream is good by the feeling you have when you wake up. if you were feeling scared or uncomfortable, the dream is not good and dont tell it to someone. try to ignore it. if you were feeling fresh and fine and surprised (mixed happy feeling) the dream is a good one(no matter you saw a monster in there, who was eating you with curry sauce and naan). if you like dreams, and true dreams infact. try to take a shower before you go to sleep, or wash your face hands upto elbows and feet and clean your teeth. then sleep on your right side, try to sleep facing west if you are in the eastern part of the world and east if you are in the western part of the world. wear clean clothes and sleep on a clean bed. make sure the sheets are clean and you washed them from any unclean material. always make your bed before you sleep even if it was looking alright. In the end I think that the dream you wrote was just something weird, because most of it was a bit unnatural. anyways

The_Righter 56M

2/15/2005 1:22 am

Hi Almondnut,
Seems you might be going through some transitions. Your dream suggests that you are becoming reaquainted with your own femininity. Perhaps you have recently affrmed that rediscovery? The boys in the background were simply helping you purge some old memories. Now, your 'desk' is clean and you are ready to begin again.

rm_Kitsunes 32F

2/15/2005 11:11 pm

Hum, interesting bit about fire. Fire is usually connected to passion, interesting that your male friends were setting things aflame then blowing them out. Very weird.

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2/17/2005 5:53 pm

You are not bisexual unless you say you are. That's how it works, for those that don't know this.
I think this blog is absolutely charming.

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/18/2005 7:50 am

Ufoet - thanks Charming is a good thing to be. And, no, I'm not having any issues with my sexuality. It's interesting how much response this particular dream got. I just like listing my dreams.

LayAllYa 36F

2/24/2005 4:45 pm

Having sexual dreams or dreaming that one is getting married to a friend is often thought to be the affirmation that one is trying to get closer to a specific part of oneself that one finds usually in the friend is question in the dream... hmmm... I doubt that makes much sense... Anyways, it's like if you dream of having sex/getting married to a friend that you think is very honest/jealous/greedy/fun, whatever then it is that aspect in yourself that you are getting more in tune with. The question here is, what does that woman make you feel, or rather what is it about her that you remember the most. Dreams are often quite simple reminders of what one is going through at the moment... if we were all honest with ourselves we would have less dreams... at least that's what some people say
And about the fire... again, it depends on what fire means to you. Is it destruction, warmth, heat, love, desire, passion? It is really that about everything you dream about, the essential question is what does that or this or the perseon you dreamt of mean for you, and then you can start to see deeper into what you are really going through at the moment
Just adding my little tidbit of psychology in there....
Have beautiful dreams
Always wonderful to have them (unless they are nightmares )

Oh, and I agree with UFOET, your blog is absolutely charming

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