Idiots and Molten glass death!  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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3/2/2005 12:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Idiots and Molten glass death!

Had a long day involving kilns, trying not to strangle some classmates..the conversation went something like this:

Teacher: here is a raku kiln..blah blah raku blah..does anyone have any questions?

Me:Yeah, I do! Does the University have raku gloves?

BitchyGirl1: Oh my god, Almondnut, get your OWN gloves!

Bitchygirl2: (in a piting "you dumb soul" voice) Um, Almondnut..when you raku, you don't pick up the pot with your hands...

Me: (irritated by the pity voice) I KNOW how to raku. I KNOW that you don't pick up the pieces with your hands. Raku gloves protect against heat. I just wanted to know if the school had any.

Teacher: you don't want to put your hands in them, they are really gross

Randombitchystudents: yeah, totally gross, you don't know what's been in there!

Me: ok, ok, it was just a simple question. Holy shit, a "yes we have gloves" would have sufficed.

Teacher: you know, if you have too much protection on, then you get used to it. I like to Raku without protection, so that I know what is going on

Am I the ONLY person that finds this to be the stupidist comment in the universe? He does not want to wear protection??? Holy shit, this is Hot molten glass here, temps that will burn right through your clothes, skin, and down to the bone. If you get some of that on you or close enough to you, you get extremely painful injuries. I can NOT believe that a University Professor said that. I'm going to happily be the person in the corner with the raku gloves on (my own ones *rolls eyes*), the protective jacket, and some decent shoes, thanks.

*shakes head at the universe*

rm_Hrd4YouAll 57M
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3/4/2005 9:46 am

ROFL! Yes, the world is filled with idiots and assholes! I guess your professor wants to know what losing a finger (or worse) feels like. Raku is beautiful, but it is very dangerous. Be careful, Angel!

SigEp4U 44M

3/4/2005 10:54 am

Smart girl... real smart. I work around molten metal and know what it does to a person... you definetly don't want that stuff on you.

Next time just close your eyes and count to ten and then smack the crap out of someone... it'll make you feel better.

Take it easy


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3/5/2005 3:40 pm

Oh boy a chance to comment on a future Darwin award winner. First don't listen to the prof or bitchy girls. Obviously they think they know everything about Raku and probably don't know shit. The prof encouraging the class not to take safety precautions, can we say "Law suit". Some people are suck idiots. Sounds like they are future Darwin winners. The only people I have found that can do the stupidest stuff and live are crack heads. They are like roaches, no matter what they survuve.

passionateforit 47M

3/6/2005 2:37 am

Ok, had never heard the word raku before, maybe we do not raku too much in this part of the world (heard of reiki, but not raku ), however now I扉e learnt something. Anyway, doesn愒 seem necessary to know about the meaning itself, one gets the point from the context.
Well, what can I say: seems as if things haven愒 changed too much since 1991 at universities. Before that everything was cool, and Mr. and Mrs. Important and I-am-smarter-than-you-are were outsiders and an exception. Actually we never played such games of power... it were heavenly days lol. But then an entire generation that started at university was completely different and at once such things mattered. We, the ones who had already been there, could just sit and watch and think "What the f... are you on about???", but it happened. Whenever one of those just opened his/her mouth, you悲 just think: "Really, how soph-is-ti-ca-ted!!! Incredible!!! A God!!! He thinks that it is WRONG to answer "arsehole" when being greeted by a person, even more if there is no reason to be upset, now, isn愒 that actually the epitomy of wisdom and social behaviour?!!! This man/woman deserves it to be admired, worshipped, adored - how intrigueing, witty and even cool, in a way!!! YAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!!!!" And the Profs adapted... Seems as if the bitchy, silly atmosphere hasn愒 changed since then, and seems as if it has been even an international phenomenon instead of being a somewhat shift in an attitude amongst a mere national group.
No matter if it is rakuing, rokiing, rekoing , dealing with books, films, doing sports, painting: DO! And do not look left or right. In case of any comments: block them. Don愒 pay attention. Don愒 allow your attention to be paid to someone else instead of to what you are interested in, as these people just want to abuse any imaginable thing to get admiration and attention. Keep the value yourself, because they won愒. And they will remain there and they won愒 stop - at least not by the time you need it! They might get more mature, and stop this attitude some day, and tings will be great for them THEN. But it could be that by that time you have been upset about them yourself for too long a time that their changing won愒 be any use for YOU anymore. So be a pure egoist NOW and don愒 step into that trap - even if it is hard.

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