Had a good sleep - felt so good!  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/11/2005 10:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Had a good sleep - felt so good!

I went to bed around 10 last night and work up around 7ish, all refreshed and happy. Sleep is good. This morning its raining in what Arizonans might call "heavy". I call it a sprinkle. Oh wait..I take that back. Its actually RAINING now.

This morning I went to the bank to deal with my IRA and possibibly set up a CD. Sadly, after waiting 45 min, I left so that I could start my work. I'll make an appointment and go back. I'm also looking into putting in my yearly contribution for my IRA..and if I'm lucky, putting in 2004's contribution as well. I think i missed it in the fuss of school and moving last year.

I'm meeting the car guy tomorrow and hopefully he will still like the car enough to pay me the money on it.

I'm looking into Socially Responsible investing..but I still don't know enough. I feel totally out of my league. I've had a Mutual Fund for years but not fully kept up on it. Still, better late than never I guess. This whole thing is scary. I'm looking into Mutual Funds listed on the "National Green Pages" (an environmental publication) and the irony is that my current Mutual Fund is listed there.

Today I have to work and also make it over to the college to check on my clay. If it dries out too much, then I'll have to start over.

To do this weekend:
- Sell that car *yay*
- study for test in art history
- work work work
- write essay for art history
- maybe finish rope basket for Fibers class
- check clay that is drying in plaster bats
- unload kiln and see if her piece is destroyed
- finally deal with the Mutal Fund stuff
- Get Chocolate. Very important

coflyer100 61M

2/11/2005 12:15 pm

Think I want to pay attention to your blog. Nice and laid back - somebody worth knowing.

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/11/2005 6:52 pm

Thanks I appreciate the compliment.

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