Bi-fem nookie? not right now...  

rm_Almondnut 44F
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2/6/2005 10:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bi-fem nookie? not right now...

Stuff is going good except for this pesky bug that keeps
flying around me. Should splat it, but dont wanna. Researched
Buddhist images for a term paper. Boring subject. Curlycues
on it's head, bump on head, robes, fat cheeks, almond
eyes, hands in mudra..*yawn*.
Was thinking about how interesting and yet lonely it is
going back to school as an adult. I feel more like an adult
at school. Girls turn to me and giggle and say cutely "oh,
I'm irresponsible..give me some paper to take notes,
ok? 2 pieces please". I was not amused, but social
mores prohibited me from ignoring her. I wanted to tell
her that this is school, and one really needs to be responsible
enough to bring paper to TAKE NOTES. It's the bare minimum..jesus,
why the hell even show up to a lecture class if you don't
have paper and writing tool in your hand? It's like
being surrounded by kids who think that being "cute"
will get them what they want..and sadly, it seems to still.

There were like 30 people in my history class that got to
take a "make up" quiz today because they all
ditched class on Friday. The thing that kinda bugged me
was that I'm sure they could hear every word of the test
answers through the wall. I usually can hear every word
when I'm sitting outside a lecture. Hmmp, bet they
will all get "A"s. Lucky bastards.
Meeting a girl tomorrow at the co-op. Bad news, from the
email I got from her tonight, I think she's looking
at this as a DATE. Her email said that my picture looked good
enough to meet me. Uh..usually I don't agree to meet
new friends based on their looks. I only do that if I'm
thinking about having sex with them. Since I'm NOT
looking for some bi-fem nookie right now, and thought I
was pretty clear on that, I'm a bit concerned about

keithcancook 61M
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4/17/2005 2:01 pm

Since you are "going back to school" you must remember what it was like in that earlier era. Overall I would wager that little has changed. The youth will almost always be less responsible than the experienced.

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